Chapter 4

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Tobias pov: 16 years old

I shoot up from my chair in the aptitude testing room and see that Lady Tori, with a nervous look on her face. She grabs my arm and leads me to the back door and says, " you can not tell anybody what I am about to tell you." I nod and she says " the aptitude works by eliminating one faction at a time until you only have one left, but you have only narrowed it down to two factions, Abnegation and Dauntless."

Two? How is that possible? As if reading my thoughts she says " so you're results were inconclusive on the test, you were aware in the simulation which makes you, Divergent. It's very dangerous you can't tell anyone. Go home. I believe you have a decision to make." ______________________



I am laying on my bed thinking about Divergent and what it means when I hear the door of my house burst open and footsteps running up the steps.

Marcus isn't supposed to be home yet!

I sigh in relief when I see that it is only Beatrice. I stand up and she runs into my arms. " Where were you? You scared me to death!" She cries. I rub her hair and say " I was sent home after my aptitude. Don't worry Beatrice, I'm okay." I say. She looks up at me I just stare into her beautiful blue-grey eyes. After a minuet I lean in and kiss her. I love her so much. We are deep in our kiss when I feel my cheeks become wet. I pull away and see that she is crying, her body wracking. "Bea, what's wrong?" I ask concern filling my tone. " I-I m going to miss you so much. It's going to be so hard without you here to train with me, laugh with me, cry with me, hug me, kiss me, I just don't know how I will cope without you here." I feel tears coming into my eyes and know that deep down inside that now is the time. I swiftly put my hand in my pocket, take out the little box and get on my knee. I take a deep breath and say " Beatrice Prior, you have been my best friend since I was 8 and you were 6, and I have loved you ever since, first in a friend kind of way, and then a umm... Well more than friend kind of way." she laughs with tears in her eyes.

I continue " And I know we will be apart for 2 years and It will be hard, and while we are leaving our Abnegation life behind, we are starting a whole new life in Dauntless, so for right now, until our dauntless life begins, I want our Abnegation love and promises to still be apart of us, so will you promise me in this abnegation life until dauntless to marry me when we get to that new life? " I say nervously.

She runs up and kisses me with her hands running through my hair I pull back and say, " I'm guessing that's a yes then?" I ask smiling. "No" she says I lose my smile, " That's a heck yes!"she Says. We spend the rest of the night together, trying not to think about the 2 years we will be apart. ___________


" Tobias Eaton" I hear my father call. I walk up to the 5 bowls. I look at the dauntless and abnegation bowls. I look up and see my father giving me a look that says ' choose Abnegation or else' which only makes me smirk. I turn around and see tris mouth ' I love you' I mouth back ' I love you too'. With one last glance I turn around cut my hand and immediately go to the dauntless coals. I hear a sizzle and the dauntless cheering and the other factions gasping and whispering. " Dauntless" I hear my father say.

I'm free. I'm free.

YAYYY Tobias is Dauntless!!!

Disclaimer: Veronica Roth owns divergent! Sorry it's short!!

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