Chapter 17

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Unknown pov:

Those stupid kids, they should have stayed in abnegation if they knew what's best for them, but no they just had to leave.

Boss is hunting divergents and I am apart of the team. So far she has only two helping her. Those divergent people better hide because we are coming and we are going to kill them.

Boss told me that I am not committing a crime, but saving lives. Divergents are not safe. They could destroy the factions.

Boss thinks that they are planning to over through abnegation. It makes perfect since too! They want to lead.

And my son. My son left me, so for that he will pay. They will all pay. Why? Why did they leave us. All three of them. All of them betrayed us. I am still shocked at the fact my son left. I was always good to him.

What did I do wrong to him to make him of all people leave abnegation.

Those kids were good little abnegation children.
I sigh.

To bad I'm going to have to kill them.

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