Chapter 20

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Tris pov:

The game has been going for a while and everyone has been wanting to do 7 minuets in heaven with me so that we can have a dance party.

Uriah says " Tris, C or D?"

"Candor" I say. He smirks evilly and asks " what's Fours real name?" I know Tobias wouldn't want me to say, so I stand up and awkwardly take my dress off.

"Okay um Al, C or D.

" dauntless" he says.

" okay do 7 minuets in heaven with anyone you want." He stands up and grabs me by the arm and takes me to the bedroom.

"Ugh! what is it with you guys and dance parties!" Everyone laughs at me and we shut the door.

" So what song do you wa-" I am cut off by him smashing his lips into mine.

I try to get away, but he has me against the wall. I kick him where the sun don't shine, and push him away.

" what's wrong with you?!" I scream.

" Tris I love you! leave Four and go out with me!" He begs. I start to cry. "you're a pansycake!" I scream at him. And run out of the room and out of the apartment and sit against the wall next to the door and cry into my knees. Christina runs out and I tell her about what Al did.

She Walks in and I hear screaming and Al runs out with a wedgie and his underwear are over his head. He runs around the halls trying to get away from the apartment.

"Tris it's safe to come in now."

I walk In still crying and Will asks

"Christina! why would you do that to Al?" She explains for me what happened and Tobias comes up to me and kisses me. " I think I'm going to go back to the dorms and get some sleep bye guys!" I say wiping my tears and leaving. They say bye and I leave.

I am almost to the dorms when two hands grab me and pull me into a empty room. When I see who it is I am terrified. Al.

" Al let me go!" I cry.

" Nope."


*********he rapes her*******

Al smirks and says " You better not tell anyone about this or I will kill Four." He then leaves the room.

I sit there and cry while putting my clothes on.

I leave the room and go back to the dorms alone.

What just happened?

Hey Initiates! Okay I know This was kind of like a ' what the heck just happened' moments, but please do not curse! Thx!

Remember to be eaton that cake!

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