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Okay guys so I am having a bit of a writers block! I know what is going to happen in this story... Like all the major plot twists and stuff, but I don't know what to put In between.

So I have a few questions and ideas:

1. Do you guys actually want me to put the fighting stuff in here or naw?

2. If you would like to write one of the fighting chapters, write it and then send it to me.

3. What are some things you want to happen in this story?

4 what are some good plot twists? any of you want to be my writing buddy?!!! Like help me come up with ideas and write chapters together? As much as I want to I won't give you my password bc I have done that b4 and they locked me out of my acc.😭 but don't worry I will give you the credit for the chaps!

Okay please pm me if you want to be my writing buddy or want to write a fighting chapter!

Bye guys!

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