Chapter 8:

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Tris pov:

I am running with the dauntless towards the train tracks. I am not behind with the initiates, I am ahead with the dauntless born. Well actually I am in front of them. We get to the trains and I start running. I grab the handle and pull myself in landing on my feet. I help other people in and once everyone is in the train they all stare at me like I have just grown two heads. "What?" I ask. "How did you beat all of us Stiff?"asks a boy with dark skin and black clothes. Dauntless born.

" Um well I have wanted to be dauntless my whole life so, I guess it just bursted out of me." I lie. A candor girl with mocha skin and dark eyes says

" You're Lying I can tell." Candor.

"What's your secret?" another candor boy says, I think his name was Peter.

I sigh " I have been training for dauntless my whole life." I say.

The same candor girl says " I like you stiff." I wince at the stiff part.

" I like you too smart-mouth" I smirk.

"Touché" she says. We both sit down and talk. She tells me that I need to stay away from Molly, Drew, and Peter.

She points at each transfer and tells me who they are. She also points a few dauntless borns she knows from school which includes the dark-skinned boy, Uriah, Marlene,and Lynn. We talk for a while and why we left our factions when we hear someone yell "they're jumping!" I laugh and am about to jump off when Christina grabs my hand and says " Can we do this together?"

I smile and nod. " On 3 one two- " I start running and we both jump off.

We both land on the ground, without any injuries. We suddenly burst into laughter. " What happened to 3?" She laughs. " It was already out of the train." We laugh again and stand up. We walk over to the roof where a man with very dark skin stands.

" Hello initiates, most of you know who I am but, if not, I am Max, the leader of Dauntless. So if you want to be in Dauntless, this is how you get there." He says pointing behind him. We have to jump off of the roof! " Who's first?" He asks. Nobody says anything. Then I think, they can't just kill all of their initiates. " I am" I say boldly.

I walk up to the edge of the roof. " The stiff? You guys should be embarrassed that a stiff is showing you up." Now I am angry " I am Not a stiff." I say in a deadly tone. I take off my abnegation robes revealing my dauntless clothing.

" I am dauntless" right as I say that I jump. I don't scream as I go down. I feel my body have a hard impact into something. A net. I just lay there and laugh with my eyes closed. I just jumped off a roof! I suddenly feel something light land on top of me. I open my eyes and see that it was my grey clothes. I smile. I suddenly feel hands grabbing me out of the net. When I look up I see a handsome man who has Ocean eyes and looks very similar to Tobias. But Tobias. My Tobias is dead.

" what's your name?" He asks.

"Be-" Beatrice sounds too formal for dauntless. " You can change your name, but choose wisely you don't get to pick again." he says. His voice is deep and masculine. " Um Tris, my name is Tris." I say surprising myself with the new nickname. "Make the announcement Four." A lady says. Four? what kind of name is Four?

" First jumper Tris!" He yells

" Welcome to dauntless."


"Initiates with me and Dauntless born with Lauren." Four yells. We do as told and Four says " okay I am giving you a tour of Dauntless so follow me." He says. " This guy is really scaring me Christina says. " Hey what's your name?" she yells to Four.

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