Chapter 22

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Tris pov:

I feel anger,sadness, and betrayal whenever I see my father, Andrew pointing a gun at Caleb.

"Dad?" My voice is shaky as tears enter my eyes.

"Hello Beatrice." He says evilly looking at me with hate and disappointment.

"W-why are you doing this?" I ask him.

" Well let's start from the beginning. Marcus and I both knew you and Tobias would sneak off and train together, we didn't want you two to be together so we came up with a lie. Which was about telling you each that you died, in hopes that Beatrice would stay and abnegation. And its pretty obvious that didn't work out, but I just thought, 'at least my son will stay.'"

He now looks straight at Caleb with angry and confused tears filling his eyes. " Then you left. I always thought we had this strong father- son bond. I was always so good to you, and you

left!" He screams.

" Dad I just didn't belong in abnegation just like you didn't belong in Erudite!" I gasp. My dad is


He completely ignores what Caleb says and moves on " Now I get to kill all of you-" then Jeanine cuts in

" Actually you can kill them whenever I get my new serum made. So for right now you can go ahead and get rid of your son, because he is not divergent."

He nods and loads the gun " bye son" he says.

Everything after that seems to go in slow motion.

"NO!" I scream. I jump in front of Caleb and the bullet hits me directly in the heart.

My vision is blurry, but I can see that Caleb is kneeling beside me crying while holding my hand saying comforting words that I can't make out. Tobias, Peter, and Uriah are fighting Andrew, Marcus, and Jeanine.

They must have beat them because now all four of them are kneeling around me crying. Even Peter, me and him have become friends over the past week.

I manage to squeak out a few words

" I'm sorry Tobias, I'm so sorry. I love you. Please move on. Find somebody to love. You are my whole world."

" I love you too Tris." He says.

I can hear people running in the room. I recognize them as dauntless members. Nurses come rushing towards me operating right here as they stick countless wires and needles into me. I feel so much pain.

'I will close my eyes on 3' I think to myself.

1, 2-

I shut my eyes

Hey initiates! I know you guys probably want to kill me right now and I'm really sorry... Like really. You guys are probs sharpening your butterknives right now. I am gonna go and hide now.

Remember to be eaton that cake!

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