Chapter 19

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Tris pov:

We walk into Zeke's apartment and the smell of Alcohol and sweat fills my nostrils. The dj stops playing music and everyone stares at us- well actually me.

Zeke is standing on top of a table when he stops and turns around saying

" who stopped the mus- holy crap". He looks me up and down and I blush feeling uncomfortable. Tobias comes up to me and wraps an arm protectively around me.

Zeke snaps out of his daze and gets a smack on the arm from Shauna and screams " IF YOU'RE NOT ME, MY LOSER BROTHER,MY BEAUTIFUL GIRLFRIEND SHAUNA, MARLENE,


I try to sneak out, but Tobias drags me to the circle of people on the floor.

I sit in-between Tobias and Christina.

"Okay we are playing Candor or Dauntless!" Zeke yells.

" candor or dauntless?" I ask

"Truth or dare." Chris says.

"Truth or dare?" I ask.

" oh my gosh! You haven't played before?" Christina asks.

" no idiot I'm from Abnegation."

" oh well if you choose candor you have to answer a question truthfully. If you choose Dauntless, then you have to do the dare given to you." She says.

" what's the penalty if you don't do the dare?" I ask.

" you remove in article of clothing,but being the gentlemen we are, we will let shoes count for the girls." Zeke says.

" Alright I'm starting because this is my apartment. Four C or D?

"Dauntless!" Tobias yells.

" I dare you to lick Tris's foot." He says.

" Bro that's weak!" Tobias says and pulls off my heel and starts licking my foot slowly from bottom to top. But I am very ticklish, so I start kicking my foot and it hits him right in the face.

" O MY GOD FOUR! IM SORRY!!" I say while everyone else is just rolling on the floor laughing.

He fake cries and says "will you kiss it to make it feel better?" I roll my eyes and kiss him on the cheek.

Then he says "No you didn't hurt my Cheek you hurt my lip." I sigh and say "Pucker up!" He closes his eyes and leans in with his lips out. I take this opportunity to take my gum I am chewing out of my mouth and stick it onto his lips. He open his eyes and screams "EWWWIEEEE!!!" Like a little girl and takes it off his lips and throw it cross the room where it hits Peter in the face.

We laugh for a few seconds before he says " Eric C or D"

"Dare" he says in a cocky kind of way.

" I dare you to kiss your crush." He is about to remove his shirt when he jumps up and runs out the door.

" hey where are you going? You can run away from a dare!" I chase him out the door with Tobias next to me. We get to the put and I he runs up to Lauren and kisses her. She surprisingly kisses back and we just leave them there and laugh while we walk back to Zeke's apartment.

" where did Eric go?" They ask.

" he's busy making out with Lauren."

" okay I guess we will go on without

him. Uriah my brother, C or D?"

" Dauntless! I ain't no Pansycake!!!"

"Okay... Go do 7 minuets in Heaven with Tris." Tobias tightens his grip on me and I just give him a look saying

'Its okay.'

Me and Uriah walk into the bedroom, and I say "let's have a dance party!"

" ya!!!" We turn on Party in the USA.

We jump on top of the bed jumping up and down to the music. We whoop to the music and I hear banging on the door "Tris why is there banging noises?" Tobias asks sounding upset, but we just keep singing and dancing.

So I put my hands up

They're playing my song

The butterflies fly away

I'm noddin' my head like yeah

Movin' my hips like yeah

I got my hands up,

They're playin' my song

I know I'm gonna be OK

Yeah, it's a party in the USA!

The song ends and now we are breathing heavily. I hear chucking and turn around to see all of our friends standing there with amused faces. They start laughing. I blush and Uriah does the same. We hop off the bed and awkwardly walk passed them and sit back down in a circle.

This is going to be a long night

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