Chapter 24- Ariana

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He held a sword in his hands, examining it. It looked the same as the last time he saw it. Before he became Fear.

He remembered every moment of his enslavement under the Fearlings. And he hated it. He remembered how he took pleasure in pain and death. He remembered how he thought of it as justice. He needed to do those things. He needed to bring balance. He need to kill. He needed to bring pain. He needed to make people shed tears.

And he enjoyed it.

And he feared, he feared that someday, he would kill, and he would smile.

He couldn't do that. He wouldn't. What would his wife think of him?

He needed to save her. Needed to save Ariana

He would kill the Fearlings. And he would do it gladly.

For his saviors.

For those he had hurt.

For Ariana.


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