Chapter 26- The Earth's Core

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[Third POV]
They walked as quietly as they could down the tunnels. They could smell the ash in the air, and feel the heat from the fires sliding over their skin.
The closer they got to the Earth's Core, the hotter it became, and louder the screams and yelling.
Thousands of voices, each yelling out its own opinion. Pitch shuddered as he remembered all of those creatures inside of him.
Up ahead, they could see the entrance to a large cavern, where the Fearlings and their friends and family were. North held up a hand and looked to Bunnymund.
"Like old times?" He whispered.
"Same plan, just like old times", Bunnymund responded.
North gestured for everyone else to stay behind, as he walked into the cavern alone.
"Fearlings! Show yourselves you cowards!"
Cowards... You call us cowards when you hide up in your wintery sanctuary. We are not cowards. We are survivors. They responded as one, the thousands of voices echoing throughout the cavern in a range of pitches and tones. The Fearlings flew about in their wispy form around a central point. Some stopping and looking to North, before hissing and continuing to spiral.
"Yes, you are cowards. Cowards for using others as your slaves! Where are Katherine and Nightlight? Ana and the Lady Pitchner? Who else have you taken and used for your slave? Who else have you turned to darkness? While you cower and hide in the shadows? Tell me! Tell me where you hid them! Or else I'll slit every single one of your throats! And laugh while I do it, with a grin on my face!"
You think you can kill us. What weapons may you have that can defeat us? We are strong in numbers and strength. We shall not be defeated so easily, you fool.
"If I am a fool, what do you think this is?", North asked, grinning as he drew his sabers, both of them glinting gold and shinning with dreamsand.
"You see, I figured out to recreate King Tsar's sword. One of the few weapons which may kill you with finality. Charge!" He yelled.
And his fellow Guardians and friends, who had been waiting for this signal, ran into the room, swords drawn, and ready to fight for all that was good.
The Fearlings sprung from their focal point, attacking the invaders, and soon the cavern was filled with screams, sand, and wisps.
Pitch drew his sword and flung himself into battle, slicing and slashing at every Fearling in his vicinity. He had to save his wife and protect his daughter. Her would do anything to make sure they made it out alive. There were no questions or doubts. It was simply a goal that he needed to accomplish.
And Pitch always succeeded in his goals.
Jack held his staff in one hand, and the dagger North gave him in the other. He would freeze Fearling after Fearling, then swing the dagger through their bodies, destroying them.
He saw Elsa on his left, wielding her swords like an avenging angel, just as he knew she would, doing all she could to reach her sister.
He gave a quick glance to his right, and started(earning him a slash across the neck from an attacking Fearling) when he saw Bunnymund. Who had grown considerably taller, and now had- six? Arms?
"Hey, Bunny! When did you get bit by a radioactive spider?", he called out, turning to freeze another approaching Fearling.
"Its all in the chocolates mate!", Bunnymund called back, swinging six blades, one in each paw.
Jack shook his head before slicing through another Fearling.
Nightlight sat in the cell, listening to Katherine's struggled breathing. He saw a bright flash of light, and looked over to where his staff lay. The moonbeam, that had before been flickering weakly, glowed with a light of only the brightest stars.
"Welcome back, old friend", he said, before picking it up, and getting to work on healing Katherine.
Elsa fought through the hoard of demons, slicing at them as though possessed. Ana, where was Ana?
Cages hung from the large ceiling, maybe Ana was in one of those?
She saw Emily Jane fly up to the cages, and start attacking with vigorous procession. The mini Tooths soon followed to help.
She looked to swirling mass of Fearlings. There, thats where she would attack, they had to take out the main source of power.
She fought through to where it was the darkest, but, just before she swung to slice through it again, it all froze.
The battle continued on around her, but the Fearlings in front of her slid away as though they were pushed.
And before her stood Ana. Exactly as she remembered her. But gone was her smile, and so was all happiness.
In its place was an expression on her face, that could only be described as that of a look of murder.
And her eyes- her eyes were black.
Pitch black.

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