Chapter 6- General Kozmotis Pitchner

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He sat completely still. He hadn't spoken since he found her note.

After he read the note, he walked down the hall to Elsa's room, knocked, and silently handed her the note. After she had read over it she looked up at him with tears in her eyes. The two had stood alone in the doorway, holding on to each other for support, knowing that she might not come back.

Five hours later, and Ana still hadn't returned. Elsa had told the rest of the Guardians, which is how they found themselves sitting in the globe room waiting.

No one said anything. Jack sat with Elsa, rubbing comforting circles across her back. North and Bunnymund worked quietly across a control panel. Tooth flitted around the room, nervous. And the ever silent Sandy floated across the room, pacing worriedly.

There was a pounding on the door. Everyone jumped up and exchanged glances. Kristoff ran to the door and pulled it open.

He hugged Sven and pulled him through the doorway, leaving a startled elf that had brought the reindeer up.

"Sven, where's Ana?", he said, after realizing Ana wasn't with him.

Sven pawed the ground nervously, and started making grunting noises.

Suddenly he jumped up and turned to the door, defensively growling.

There was a knock on the door.

The door creaked open, and there, with a terrified and shivering elf behind him, stood the Nightmare King.

Kristoff jumped forward yelling, "What have you done with Ana you monster?!"

"I didn't kidnap her."

Jack rolled his eyes, walking closer holding his staff defensively, "'Course you didn't"

Elsa walked over, crystal already forming at her fingertips, "If you didn't, who did?"

"Now a who, but a what. Something that has long held me captive, and that I wish to destroy."

He looked to the older Guardians, "The Fearlings."

"Who are the Fearlings?", Jack asked, still glaring at Pitch.

"A race of what you may call demons", a pale Toothiana spoke up.

"And what do you want?", Jack said suspiciously.

Pitch looked to the older Guardians again, sharing a look that the others didn't understand, "I only want to capture the Fearlings, for they have made me do inexplicable horrors that I greatly regret. They have made me into someone I despise, and I hate then for it."

"What did they do to you?", Elsa asked, sympathy leaking into her voice.

"Why child, they took over my mind, heart, and soul. For I was once as good as you. And I hope I can be so again."

"And why should we trust you?", Jack spoke.

"Because I was once someone like yourself, and in order to trust me, you must hear my story. I used to be known as General Kozmotis Pitchner and I hope to be that man again."


I'd like to dedicate this chapter to @supersized_mcshizzle who helped me write it, by supplying information about the Guardians of Childhood series.

If you already read the series(which is what tRotG is based off) I'm hoping I got the information right! And if I got something wrong, send me a message or comment! I'm just starting Nicholas St. North, and Im loving it!

And if you havent read it, I'll do my best to explain things.

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