Chapter 15- Forgotten

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She was in a dark room. There was no light, and no sound.

She couldn't tell if she was standing or sitting down, she couldn't feel anything. It was an odd sense of weightlessness. And lightheadedness. How had she gotten there?

Who am I?

She couldn't remember anything.

Wait. There was something about a palace of ice...

It didn't matter. She had to get out. Had to escape.

Something was wrong.

Who am I?

She thought she could feel ropes burning into her skin.

Where am I?

Something was missing. Something about- about people. She had a life before.

Who am I?

She had people she loved.

There was a girl. A girl who lived in a palace of ice.

What happened?

There was yelling. And a dance. And a reindeer? And a snowman.

Who am I?

I can't remember.

The girl's name was Elsa.....

And she was my sister.


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