Chapter 9- Hope's Bird

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Pitch sat alone in the globe room with Sandy, the others had left to prepare for the attack of the Fearlings in their own way.

"Does she hate me? And please, be honest", Pitch asked, with a heartbroken hope in his voice.

No, Sandy responded silently, She doesn't.

"Even after all the horrible things I did to her and humanity?"

She doesn't blame you. She blames the Fearlings. And those she would have destroyed if it didn't hurt you.

"Would she be willing to be my daughter again? Not Pitch Black's daughter, but General Kozmotis Pitchner's daughter."

Perhaps, she will. But you must still hold onto hope.

"I lost all hope the moment I turned that key"

You never lost hope, and you never lost yourself.

"What became of Katherine, Nightlight, and Ombric?"

They're around. Traveling as usual. I haven't heard from them in awhile.

"Would Emily Jane be willing to meet with me?"

Perhaps, but you must be prepared for what may come.

"Im ready. I want to see my daughter again. I spent to long thinking she was dead, and too long filled with indifference towards her."

I will send her a message then.

And with that, Sandy stood up and wove his dream sand into a beautiful bird of gold. He flew up into the air, and released the bird of hope, into the starry night.

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