Chapter 21- Through Death and Life

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Katherine sat up slowly.

"What are we going to do?", she asked, entwining her hand with his.

"I dont know", he answered.

"Have you tried contacting the others?", she asked, exhausted.

"I cant get through, but I think Sandy might be able to"

"What about our daughters?"

He looked down at her in the dark.

"I hope they're safe. Do you remember when I gave up my childhood mortality?"

She nodded.

"I remember you yelling at me, asking why I would do something like that. And I told you that I was tired of being forever alone. Never growing up, and watching every body else die. I wasnt telling the whole truth. I loved you then, and love you now. And I never wanted to live without you. Which is why I gave half of it to you. So you could live, and so could I"

She smiled and brought her lips to his. "Together", she whispered, "Forever".

"In death and life", he responded.

And together they sat, in the depths of the darkest night, whispering their promises, as they prepared for the end.


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