Chapter 14- Always and Forever

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She was sitting on the edge of her bed holding her snowflake pendant.

It had been a gift from Jack before he had... Died.

She turned it over in her hand.

Your's Always and Forever.

There was a knock on her door. She hung the pendant around her neck before slipping it into the neck of her dress, out of sight.


"It's me"


"Come in"

The door opened and Jack slipped in, smiling. He sat next to her and picked up her hand. He simply held it and smiled slightly, looking at infinity.

"Jack," she said suddenly, "Why do you love me?"

He looked up and into her eyes, "What do you mean exactly?"

"Why do you love me? I've been hated and feared all my life, and suddenly, you come along, and you are the only person who looked at me differently. And I wanted to know why"

"Do you believe in soul mates?"


"I don't. But I do believe in true love. I believe in loving someone in a way that is impossible to describe. In loving someone to the point where you always want to be with them. In loving someone, no matter their past, present, or future. And loving until you can't imagine being without them. This is how I feel about you."

"There's nothing special about me though, besides the fact that I can create storms and change the weather. But that doesn't count"

He chuckled lightly, "But you forget, I can do the same. I love everything about you. I love all of your flaws and imperfections. The broken pieces in your eyes, and the flawless smile you wear everyday. All the good and the bad, it's all apart of you. And I love every fracture, tear, and smile. I love you. Always and forever"

She pulled the pendant out, and his eyes showed shock, "I didn't know that you had ever received it."

She nodded, he looked up and saw the tears in her eyes, but she was smiling.

"Always and Forever", she whispered.

"Always and Forever", he repeated.

Always and Forever.

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