Chapter 20- Guardian Legacy

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"My parents were Guardians?", Elsa asked.
"Are Guardians", Toothiana corrected.
"But, you said that they were always moving around. And that they could never stay in one place. They were always around as we were growing up, they couldn't have been Guardians"
"Elsa, when your sister was born, there was an attack on the palace. Pitch- the Fearlings- were trying to break in and kidnap you. Being the children of two Guardians, one being born of moonlight, made you both powerful. In order to keep you two safe, you were given to Katherine's sister and her husband to raise. Your parents lead the demons away, and spent the next few stages of your life hunting them down to keep you safe. The demons were constantly attacking areas around Arendelle, and without the protection Katherine and Nightlight provided, you probably wouldn't be alive today"
"But, how come I never met them?"
"They disappeared shortly before Jack, and your Aunt and Uncle's deaths. We knew something bad had happened, and we spent years searching for them.
Now, now we know what had happened"
"Wait, you said that being the child of two Guardians would basically guarantee that I would have powers, what about Ana?"
"Being the first born, yours are bound to be more powerful. Ana has powers, theyre just more diluted, and they will come out eventually. She most likely has dormant blood like Katherine. In an essence, we all have magic in our blood. Its stronger when we're children, and slowly fades as we grow up. But then, there are some like Katherine and Ana, that the magic only grows stronger as they grow older. Ana does have powers, and they will show up."
Elsa was silent for a bit before standing up and announcing, "We have to find them. Sandy, you know where they are, don't you?"
Sandy nodded.
Elsa looked to North, "And you can make us weapons, right?", she turned to Bunnymund and Toothiana, "And what about the egg and tooth fairy armies?", lastly she looked at Pitch, "There has to be some way we can defeat them, right?"
Pitch looked thoughtful, "Well, they can't be destroyed completely, only dimmed down to close to nothingness. What we need is a cage..." He stood up fast and looked to Bunnymund, "The Earth's Core"
Bunnymund nodded, "That just might work, mate"
Jack stood, "What might work?"
Pitch spoke, "A couple thousand years ago, give or take, we battled in the Earth's Core. It's not all uninhabitable, maybe, if we worked fast and carefully, we could use the molten lava as a cage. We could use it to separate the Fearlings, and spread them so far, that they will never be able to unite themselves. And if by some chance they do, they be too weak"
North nodded, "That could work" he looked to Elsa, "You said something about weapons?"
"Could you infuse some sort of magic in them?"
He grinned deviously, "Magic and weapons are a specialty of mine"
"I thought you specialized in toy making?", Jack spoke up.
"Eh, weapons, toys, same thing"
Jack laughed, "Nice to know that sword and teddy bear mean the same thing in your mind"
North clapped his hands together, "Get to work!", he boomed.
Any elves that had been sitting idly around the room jumped up and ran through one of the doors the read Armory.
Jack raised an eyebrow, "How did I not see that before?"
"Magic", North said grinning, before following after the elves.
"Well," Bunnymund announced, whilst tapping his foot, "If we're gonna proceed with this, I best be off. Got to make me some chocolate" A tunnel appeared, which he immediately jumped into.
"Did he just say chocolate?", Elsa asked.
Toothiana shook her head, "You don't want to know"
"But you will eventually!", North hollered gleefully from the armory.
"Why do I get a bad feeling about North being around weapons?", Jack asked.
They all laughed before heading off to prepare for battle.

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