Chapter 12- Sleeping Torture

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The sun was high in the sky as Jack flew around the world.
He landed in front of Jamie's house, noticing how it was so quiet.
He created a snowball and flung it at his window.
He waited a few minutes before flying up. Jamie was asleep in bed, but instead of peaceful breathing, there were tears coming from his eyes and he kicked at an unseen attacker.
Jack pushed the window open and desperately tried to wake Jamie up.
After minutes of constant shaking and yelling, he gave up, and his head hung dejectedly.
Suddenly he stood up, and with one last look at Jamie, flew outside.
He flew from house to house, checking to make sure his mind wasn't playing tricks on him. But he wasn't going crazy, it was real. It was finally happening.
I thought we had a little bit more time left, he thought to himself, someone has to tell the others.
Jack Frost flew up into the cold winter air, giving one last glance to the peaceful city below him.
It was in the middle of the day, and nobody moved.
They were all asleep.

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