A few messages from the characters(because its too early to write another part)

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It's often said, that during times of war and stress, people are either torn apart, or brought together. And this is the end. And I think, I think it will make all of our relationships stronger. And thats what I hope for.

I don't want my time with you to end, Elsa. But I'm not sure we'll have a choice. And I just want to say I love you. And that you make me stronger.


If someone were to tell me, that I could only chose one person to save from impending disaster, I would be torn. How could I chose only one person? Knowing that I had left so many behind? But I would chose you. And I would live with that grief. Because that's what we do. We're Guardians. And whenever we fail, we stand up, and lock away our grief and pain to be mourned later, and we fight.

And I will always fight for you.


I miss you. And I will do anything and everything I can to get you back. I love you Ana.


I can never be truly forgiven for what I've done, but I'll try. I'll do my best to deserve your forgiveness and love. Even if I will never receive it. And if you chose to forgive me, then I cannot even begin to explain how happy I will be.


The hardest part of immortality, is time. Some think of it as a blessing. And others, a curse. I see it both ways. If you are fortunate to find someone to love forever and to never be separated from, then it is truly a blessing. But if you loose that love.... Then it is a curse. And I have been cursed for so long.

I'm ready to love again.

~Emily Jane

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