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When Toothiana had died, nothing was left. All that remained were her baby teeth, and those too disappeared eventually. Her friends and family mourned her death, and they all took on the responsibility of collecting the teeth of the children of the world.

Toothiana would never be forgotten, she was the Guardian of memories after all.

No one would have ever thought that she might return. But she did. One night in Southeast Asia.

Her younger self was seen sitting at a window, gazing in wonder at her delicate feathery wings.

She was reincarnated. Reborn into the young girl, Rashmi. There was no doubt about it. And her friends and family would not question it.

They waited. Waited until she would be old enough to be told about her past life.

But for now, they waited. Letting her enjoy childhood.


Bunnymund returned to his Warren, where he painted eggs, made chocolates, and pulled pranks on the other Guardians.

His Easter eggs were frequently painted in small tooth designs, along side snowflakes and moons.


North continued on with building(of both weapons and toys).

He began to mix magic and technology more often, causing lots of messes that his elves were always rushing to clean up.


Sandman returned to his star, where it floated around in the ocean. He slept and dreamt of the children of the world, helping them through their dreams.


Katherine and Nightlight traveled the world. After spending a long time with Ana and Elsa of course. But they were free spirits, and longed to travel.

So they flew around the world, gifting children with pleasant dreams, and chasing away nightmares.


Ariana was among the other prisoners, kept up high hanging in the cages. When she was reunited with her family, there were tears all around.

Emily Jane and Pitch did all that they could to make her feel welcome in this new world, a world that was millions of years older than the one she knew.

The three of them eventually retreated to one of the lone moons of Jupiter, where they could see the galaxies.

And from time to time, they would visit their friends on Earth.

Sharing adventures and telling old stories.


Ana and Kristoff eventually married, and moved into the ice castle.

Ana grew into her powers, which were shocking. They weren't anything exactly natural such as pure elements as they had expected. Instead, she was able to talk to animals, which came in useful when Sven was demanding carrots.

Olaf and Sven also lived with them, and could frequently be seen skating around on a pond, chasing after each other.


Jack and Elsa married as well, and ended up traveling the world like Nightlight and Katherine. They could often be seen chasing each other on gusts of wind and slopes of ice crystals.

And for the fact that neither was just mortal, the day that the battle of the Fearlings ended, was the day the beginning of their peaceful and endless existence began.

Some people tend to wonder how it is that two people can stand to spend an eternity together.

And its a simple answer really, do you love them? Would you give up oxygen and your life to save them? Eternity is not really that long, its only as long as we make it out to be.


In my life, I've seen kings rise and fall. I've watched castles crumble, I've seen love grow and fade. Ive seen worlds whither and die. I've seen so much.

Almost all of it fades away.

One thing that I've never seen truly disappear is true love.

Let it be that love from father to daughter. The love between siblings or friends. The love of respect, or the love between spouses.

Its always there, beneath our skin. Making the hair on our arms stand up. Making our hearts race. Causing our breaths to hitch.

True love never fades, it is simply pushed away. Pushed away for fear, anger, hatred, and pain.

In my long life, I've endured so much pain and hatred.

And finally, finally I think it's all come to an end.

And so begins a new era.

The Age of the Guardians.

And the Age of Love.


Keeper of the stories of the Guardians

-Guardian of Imagination and Freedom -

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