Chapter 19- Dream Traveling

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[Third POV]

They all moved nervously around the globe room, waiting for the verdict

Emily Jane stood next to her father, both of them deep in thought. Bunny stood(oddly) with a notepad in the corner, muttering something about chocolate. Toothiana was flitting around the room, with baby tooth faeries following close behind. North was hunched over a few small pieces of wood and metal, concentrating. Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf sat quietly, looking to nothing.

Elsa stood silently in Jack's arms, waiting.

They were waiting for the Sandman's verdict. On what was happening in the Fearling's palace.

They were worried.

The Sandman slept on a cloud of dream sand, floating a few inches above the floor. He was dreaming of far off places, and of palaces of darkness. He saw people. A moonbeam. A flash of starlight. And a cage of dark cold metal.

He woke up with a start. Shooting up from his bed. He blinked his eyes sleepily as the others stood up and gathered around.

They were there, he spoke silently into their minds, all of them.

"Who was there? Ana?", Kristoff spoke up nervously.

All of them. Ana. The Guardians Nightlight and Katherine. As well as the Lady Pitchner.

Pitch's face grew pale, "But she died"

Emily Jane spoke up, her voice holding a slight wavering, "I saw her throw herself out the window, how can my mother be alive? And in this time?"

"Katherine and Nightlight were there?!", North yelled.

Sandy nodded sadly.

"But how?", Toothiana asked, "They were last seen in Arendelle, why would they be-"

"Wait. Who was in Arendelle?"

The older Guardians turned to Elsa. Toothiana flew forward nervously.

"Katherine and Nightlight, they're Guardians. And like you and Jack, they represent different glimpses of freedom. They cannot be controlled. They check in every once in awhile, but not often. They were last seen in Arendelle. Because," Toothiana took a deep breath, "They are your parents"

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