Chapter 13- Broken Hearts

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He paced back and forth across his small room. The Fearlings had made their first attack, Ana was still missing, and Emily Jane was coming.

Hope had returned, and he was worried. His daughter's message had given him hope, and had torn him apart.

True, he wasn't under the Fearling's control anymore, but they had left their mark. He understood them in a way nobody else could, and he hated it.

He hated the way he could anticipate their every move move, the way he could guess their idea of nightmares, and expect the torture for every prisoner.

He felt as though he would never be free of them. As though they were still there in his mind.

He heard a knock on his door.

"Come in"

He was still facing the opposite wall, his back to the door, when it swung open.

The silent voice of the Sandman spoke in his mind, She's here.

He spun around, and there, giving off an aura of power, stood his daughter, with Sandy right behind her.

He looked to her eyes, they were cold and unfeeling, but upon closer examination, he saw she was broken.

He took a step forward, broken hearted, "Emily Jane", he breathed.

Her eyes misted over, and tears leaked down her cheeks, "Daddy".

And that one word was all it took for him to be over come with emotion.

"My baby girl", he was able to say between tears and struggled breathing, "I'm so sorry"

He opened his arms wide, and she ran into them, sobbing.

Father and daughter held each other for support, as years and years of misery and pain fell down upon them.

And slowly, they began to heal each other's broken hearts.


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