Chapter 2- Sands of Darkness

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They were all gathered in the globe room, that is, everybody but Elsa.

The doors burst open, and Elsa walked in with another girl trailing behind her.

"This is Ana, my sister"

The others started asking the two questions on how Ana had got here, Jack, on the other hand, was deep in thought.

He though about the odd things that had been happening lately, the uncontrollable storms and dark skies.

Something moved in the corner of the room. A shadow. Something moved out of the corner of his eye.

Black sand was slowly creeping over the globe, circling it.

"Guys", everyone was still talking, "GUYS! The globe!"

Everyone looked to the blackening sphere. A cold laugh filled the room. All the windows and doors slammed shut.

The sand started to mold to form the Boogeyman.

"Hello, did you miss me?"

Jack stepped in front of Ana and Elsa, holding his staff defensively.

"Oh, Jack. It's not them I'm after. Though I must say, Elsa was quite helpful a few hundred years ago; she gave me even more power. Maybe I could use her again?"

Jack growled, "You will never hurt her again."

Pitch laughed, "You won't be able to stop me. Not from getting her, or from succeeding."

"Succeeding in what?", Ana spoke up.

"Why, now you are a surprise. Ana, is it? How is your kingdom doing? If I recall, it was in ruins last I left it.", he grinned maliciously.

She flinched.

"But alas," Pitch continued with a wave of his hand, "I only came to tell you to prepare yourselves. Because whatever you think I have planned, you are most certainly not prepared for what is to come."

The King of Nightmares disappeared in an explosion of shadow, leaving behind black sand and worried faces.


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