Chapter 27- A Queen's Sacrifice

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[Third POV]
"Hello, sister dear.", Ana sneered.
"Ana, what happened? You're- you're not yourself", Elsa struggled to get over the shock of seeing the darkness and hatred in her sister's eyes.
"They opened my eyes, opened them to how blind I've been"
"But we're your friends Ana! Your family! I'm your sister!"
"Blood does not matter, Elsa. These are my true friends. They showed me how wrong I was, and showed me how to change, for the better"
"Ana, blood may not matter, but I'm your sister! And I love you!"
Something changed in Ana's eyes, it was quick, but it was there. The small confirmation that Elsa needed to know that her Ana was still there.
Toothiana pried open the cage door, inside, Nightlight sat against one of the walls exhausted, holding his staff. Katherine was huddled against him, stronger but still very weak.
Toothiana grinned, she and her faeries helped to lift the two out, and she settled them away from the battle, ordering Olaf and a pair of elves to watch over them.
She looked back to the battle, all of the Guardians(As well as Kristoff and Sven), were fighting there way towards the center, where Elsa stood with Ana.
She could see how the Fearlings were corrupting Ana, moving closer to her soul with every passing second.
"Get them!", she yelled.
She and her faeries charged, and as they neared the pair, shifted into beams of moonlight. They were absorbed into Ana's body, where they attacked the Fearlings that were attempting to destroy her. Each small ray wrapped around a small splotch of darkness, and struggled to pull it from Ana.
There was an explosion of light, and when it faded away, Ana was lying still on the ground, surrounded by dreamsand and faeries.
Toothiana had fallen right beside Ana, and with a grin on her face, watched as the Fearlings dissipated.
Her Guardian friends ran to her and Ana's sides.
Ana sat up with a dazed look on her face, but she was still herself.
The faeries shimmered and faded, leaving behind a weak Toothiana.
With the help of Elsa and Kristoff, Ana sat up and looked to Toothiana, "You saved me, you took them out. But where did they go?", she asked, in wonderment and fear.
Toothiana smiled weakly, "They went to me"
And with a final flit of her beautiful wings, she closed her eyes and faded.
And so her friends, family, and the world mourned the loss of the graceful queen.
She who had watched as others died for her. And now she died for them.
Queen Toothiana of the Tooth Fairy Armies had fallen, fallen as she had always wanted.
She had fallen to save the ones she loved.

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