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"Ariana Chinese food is here!" Regina announced as she carried the bag to the living room. Ari and Regina sat down on the couch while Mitch stood behind them still frozen from the news from before.

"Can't believe he is still frozen, he's been in that position for about 2 hours. He can keep it up for a little while before setting a new record". Mitch finally moved after his nose started to feel itchy.

"Wait so let me get this straight" Mitch took a seat across from Ariana. "You have two kids but no husband?" Mitch asked to make sure he understood. "Correct!" Ariana said as she took a bite of her noodles. "But how can you have kids by yourself?? Unless yo-" Mitch had an idea which Ariana quickly stopped him.

"Mitch those are his kids" Ariana told him "But don't tell him that, i'm begging you" Mitch's jaw dropped and went back to the same position he had before when he saw the kids. "Ariana at this point i'm about to lock him in the freezer" Regina commented.

Ariana and Regina just continued to eat their food as Mitch stood there for hours. He didn't know what to think, he was contemplating whether to tell Auston, his best friend or to keep it a secret to help Ariana, his bestie's ex. One thing Mitch needed to do is to tell someone about this, he clearly cannot keep a secret.

"I'm going to check on the kids" Ariana got up and went to the kids room. She saw the two in bed already, tucked in and everything. She was about to close the door but stopped once she heard a sniffle. Ariana looked back and saw it was coming from Jamie.

Jamie was hugging a picture of her family. She cried realizing she doesn't have a father. Ariana slowly walked up to her and sat next to her. Jamie looked up and saw her mom sitting on her bed. She wiped her tears and sat up to face her mother.

"Why are you crying?" Ariana asked wiping the tears off her face. "Mom how come all the kids at school have a mom and dad but we don't?" Ariana was taken back by the question, she didn't expect her daughter to ask her this.

"Honey your father is away doing something he loves" Ariana said as she thought of Auston. "But doesn't he love us as well?" Jamie asked as Ariana looked in her innocent eyes. "One day Jamie" Ariana said as she held back her tears. She never wants to cry in front of her kids. Her kids may think of her as a weak person, instead she wants her kids to think of her as a strong mom.

"Mommy when daddy coming home?" Ariana looked at Jamie "Soon" Ariana kissed her forehead as she tucked Jamie back into bed. "Now go to sleep, you have school tomorrow."

Ariana left the kids room and returned to Regina and Mitch. Surprisingly Mitch unfroze himself, he was now sitting on the couch. "Okay so those kids are Auston's but he doesn't know about their existence?" Mitch asked her just to clarify and make sure everything he heard was true.

"Mitch I don't want you going to him and telling him that he's a father to two kids" Ariana told Mitch knowing that he can't keep a secret.

"Don't worry about me telling him, I barely see him since he's always at work or with his slutty girlfriend" Mitch said as Ariana looked at him. "Girlfriend? He has a girlfriend?" Mitch nodded as Ariana thought to herself.

Why does she feel hurt by that?? She's completely over him or so she thinks she is. What does she except?? For Auston to be waiting for her after all these years??

"I'm completely over you Auston Matthews but why do I feel my heart breaking all over again?"

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