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"Regina is that really you?" Auston asked still shocked to see her. He has been trying to get in contact with her just to talk to Ariana but she along with Ariana changed their numbers. Regina just continued to give him an awkward smile. "Hey Auston" She said "Long time no see."

"If you're here then Ar-" Auston started before getting cut off by Regina. "I should get going now" Regina walked out but Auston held her wrist. " Where is she?" Auston looked directly at her. Regina was frightened as Auston's grip around her wrist started to tighten. "You can't see her" Regina said trying to make Auston let go. "Why?" Auston needed to see her.

"Auston her heart will break if she ever sees you so I suggest you leave if you want her to be happy" Regina told him, Auston did not let go of her wrist. "I just need to see her, please. I've been waiting for a long ass time and you know it" Auston said as Regina finally got away from him. "Auston I can't help you with anything, if you want to talk to her you have to find her yourself. Just remember that you're the one that caused this whole thing in the first place so don't even think about playing the fucking victim" Regina told him before rushing out of the cafe.

"What the hell is going on?" Jordyn asked confused with what's going on. "You sit your fake ass down" Stefan told her as he went over to Auston. "So you're the famous Auston that they always talk about?" Stefan crossed his arms. "So they talk about me?" Auston smirked knowing that Ariana still talks about him. "Yeah they told me that the next time they see you, they will cut your dick off" Stefan smiled as Auston backed away. "I'm Ariana's bestie and I suggest that you get away from her before I will slice your dick off" Stefan blew him a kiss before walking out.

"Jordyn let's go" Auston said as he grabbed Jordyn's hand and quickly walked out of the cafe not saying a word to anyone. "Well I think that they might do something back at the hotel" Mitch got up and looked at Steph. "Can I stay at your place tonight?" Steph nodded and took Mitch's hand. "Bye Jackson see you tomorrow!" Steph waved goodbye at her boss.

Jackson sat down and drank a cup of coffee. He took out his phone and stared at the selfie that he took with Ariana last month. He smirked before talking to himself. "Auston Matthews we meet again". He let out an evil laugh before he closed up the cafe.


"I'll see you soon okay baby?" Auston said in the phone. "I'll be there in 10" Ariana said "I love you!". "I love you too babe" Auston said before hanging up. Auston had the whole house to himself. His parents and his siblings were on a vacation and Auston offered to watch the house.

Auston heard a knock at the door. "She's here already?" Auston asked himself as he got up to answer the door. "Hey Ar- oh" Auston saw a boy who was around the same age as him. He was wearing glasses along with some nerdy clothes. "Jackson what the hell are you doing here?!" Auston rolled his eyes.

Jackson was the annoying nerd at school who hated Auston with passion. He hated Auston because he took Ariana away from him. "Hello Auston" Jackson gave him a smirk before entering the house.

"I never said you can come in" Auston said obviously annoyed with him. "Oh Auston you have no idea what's coming" Jackson let out an evil laugh as he pulled out something from his pocket.

"Hey that's my ring that Ariana gave me!" Auston reached out for it but Jackson stepped back. He pulled out a slingshot and ran outside. He was about to launch the ring but Auston tackled him to the ground. The two didn't notice Ariana standing there until she coughed out loud.

"Babe can you believe this little nerd, he almost launched the ring to the other side of town" Auston got up and hugged Ariana. "Oh Ariana I didn't see you there" Jackson got up and gathered himself. "Did you see your pig of a boyfriend lay on top of me" Jackson tried to play the victim.

"Jackson I saw the whole thing and i'm truly disappointed in you" Ariana said as Auston wrapped his arms around her. "But you and m-" Ariana went up and grabbed his glasses, she threw it on the ground and stepped on it. "Now go away, I don't want to see your face" Ariana went inside as Auston stayed out with Jackson.

"You did this!" Jackson picked up the remains of his glasses. "Nerd take this as a message, Ariana is mine and only mine" Auston poked his nose. "Now get off my property before I do it myself" Auston ruffled his hair before making his way inside.

Jackson looked back at his house. "Auston Matthews I will get my revenge on you, just wait and see."

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