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"Ari do you have the coffee ready for table 2?" Jackson asked Ariana as she slammed her hand against her forehead. "Oh shit i'm sorry" Ariana grabbed a mug and was starting to make one but Jackson stopped her. "No let me do it" Jackson offered as he grabbed the mug out of her hands while giving her a smile. Ariana returned the smile and went back to wiping the counters.

"Hey bestie!" Stefan and Steph entered the cafe with bags full of clothes. "Dang you guys bought a lot of stuff" Ariana said looking at the bag. "I honestly never knew that Steph can charm her way into getting some discounts" Stefan said nudging her as they sat down.

"Hey I learned from Regina, she's the true expert here" Steph said as she looked around for her "Where is she anyways? Doesn't she work today?"

"Oh she's on her lunch break so I asked her to pick up the kids for me" Ariana said "So Steph I heard you've been talking to this guy?" Ariana asked her as Steph started to blush.

"Aw little Steph is blushing" Stefan pointed out poking her pink cheeks. "Stefan stop it" Steph politely said as she swatted Stefan's finger away from her face.

"You know you should invite him over here one time. I want to see the guy whose going out with our little Steph" Ariana said as she ruffled her hair. "Hey I'm older than you" Steph mentioned as Ariana ignores her.

"Invite him tomorrow for our annual movie night" Stefan offered as Steph quickly smiled "Really he can come?!" Her face lit up with excitement. "Don't ask me ask Jackson, he's the one in charge."

Steph ran up to Jackson and grabbed onto his arm. "Jackson can the guy i'm seeing come over tomorrow for movie night?" Steph begged as Jackson thought about it. "But movie night is for employees only" Jackson said as Steph went on her knees "Come on i'll work double next week, just please i'm begging you!" Steph cried out as Jackson helped her up.

"Only if you don't one thing for me" Jackson trailed off. "I'll do anything, you name it!" Steph said as Jackson looked over at the table Ariana and Stefan were.

"Get me a date with Ariana and your so called boyfriend can come over tomorrow" Jackson said as Steph's smile turned into a frown. "Jackson you still have a crush on her?? I thought we went over this, Ariana is off limits" Steph told him as Jackson rolled his eyes.

"Off limits?? For who?? That Auston kid who doesn't even know he is a father! Give me a break, he will never come back! Steph just this once" Jackson told her as Steph had no choice but to agree. "Fine but don't lay a hand on her, she still has a broken heart and I would hate seeing her in pain" Steph said as she walked away from him and returned to her friends.

"He said yes!!" Steph cheered. "That's awesome Steph!" Ariana said. "But we kinda have a problem. Jackson is upset because his date canceled on him and I was wondering if you can hang with him tomorrow Ari?" Steph somewhat lied to her.

"Aw of course I will. Anything to cure his broken heart" Ariana said as she got up from her seat. "Bestie I got you a dress, you need to try it on asap!" Stefan said as he dragged Ariana to the restroom. Steph turned around and gave Jackson a thumbs up.


"Thanks Mr Matthews and Mr Marner for joining us today!" The teacher said to them. "No thank you for inviting us to see your class" Auston replied back "Well we should get going now" Mitch said. He and Auston walked out of the classroom and into the parking lot.

"Okay so get this, the girl i'm seeing just offered me to go to this movie night thing she's having with her co workers. Do you think I should go?" Mitch asked Auston for his opinion.

"I don't know Mitch. Just go if you want to, if you don't just fake being sick" Auston told him.

Regina pulled up in front of the school to pick up the kids. She got out the car and went on her phone.

Auston looked at the entrance and saw the familiar girl. "Hey that looks a lot like Regina" Auston thought to himself "Nah i'm hallucinating" Auston shook it off and got in the car along with Mitch and drove away.

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