[twenty nine]

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Ariana had the house to herself for once. This was her alone time to tell the kids who their father was. This was killing her, she doesn't want to break the bad news to them.

There was only one way Ariana could think of breaking the news to them.

"KIDS IT'S DINNER TIME!!" Ariana called them down. She made their favourite food, tacos. I mean food is what makes her happy when she is given bad news, so there is a chance this might work on her kids.

"TACOS, TACOS, TACOS!! I LOVE TACOS!" Jamie yelled out as her and her brother sat down at the table.

Ariana silently watched her kids eat their food. Every scenario played out in her head, she had no idea which one would become reality.

"Kids mommy has something to say" Ariana took a set between the two. "It's about your daddy"

"What about him?" Kyle asked while stuffing his face with a taco shell in the process.

"Your fathe-" before she could finish her sentence she was interrupted by a knock on the door

2 hours before

Auston paced around the room while holding the small box in his hands. This was it, the proposal that could change everything.

"Auston don't tell me you're actually going through with this" Auston turned his head at the bed where Mitch was, still wearing his pyjamas and stuffing his face with popcorn.

"Mitch this is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with" Auston took a seat across from Mitch. Mitch let out an ugly laugh leaving Auston confused.

"What?" He asked Mitch. Mitch calmed down and faced Auston. "You're joking right?? You can't possibly think you have a future with her. Auston let me be the one to tell you she's not the one" Mitch took a piece of popcorn and put it in his mouth.

Auston took the bowl and threw it behind him totally ignoring Mitch's reaction.

"Mitch I already made my decision" Auston said trying to convince Mitch which clearly wasn't working.

"Have you really? Auston let's be serious here, you're still thinking about it. Nothing has been finalized yet until the moment you actually ask her" Auston hates it when Mitch talks like he's smart.

"Auston when was the last time you've said I love you to Jordyn?" Auston took a while answering this question.

"I don't think i've ever said I love you to her directly. I mean she's said it to me multiple of times but I never said it back. It wouldn't feel right if I said it to her" This made Auston realize where Mitch was going with this talk.

"And the last person you said i love you to was...?"

"Ariana" Auston mumbled out her name. "Bingo!" Mitch felt proud of himself for getting in Auston's head.

Auston got up and made his way to the door with the small box still in his hands. He gave his best friend a small smile before walking out the door.

Mitch immediately got up and took off his pyjamas which revealed him wearing a suit underneath, he then dialled Steph's number.

"Steph it's showtime."

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