[twenty five]

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Ariana stopped in front of his door, Mitch had told her which room he and Auston were staying in. She took a deep breath before knocking on the door.

Auston who was on the phone with his mom heard the knock. "Yes mom i'll get you a souvenir" Auston opened the door. He saw Ariana standing there and immediately froze. "Uh mom I have to call you back" Auston hung up while staring at Ariana, he never took his eyes off of her.

"Uh can I come in?" Ariana awkwardly asked as Auston nodded, he let Ariana in before closing the door. Ariana turned to face him. "I know that you're wondering why the hell i'm here but what I have to say is very important and something that you should hear."

Auston embraced himself, he didn't know what to do. The girl he loved was standing right in front of him. "So what's so important that you had to visit me?" Auston crossed his arms.

Ariana gulped as she stared at Auston "Do you remember that nerdy kid that had an obsession with me in high school?". Auston thought for a second "Yeah I remember him, he threatened me to break up with with you or else he would make my life horrible."

"Oh well he happens to be Jackson, my boss at the cafe" Ariana said "And Jordyn your girlfriend is his sister. Jackson also has folders with all of our information on it. He's been following us for a very long time."

Auston didn't know how to take in all the information Ariana just gave him. "I'll make sure to talk to Jordyn as soon as I get in contact with her". Ariana smile before looking at the table behind him. On the table was a small box which was slightly opened. Inside of it was a small diamond ring.

Auston looked at what Ariana was looking at and immediately stood in front of it. Ariana could feel a stab in her heart. "Um I should go now before Regina calls me". Ariana said as she quickly got out the room. "Ariana wait!" Auston called out but it was too late, Ariana had already left.

Auston sat down and looked at the ring. He wanted to tell Ariana something important before she left.

Ariana the only reason why I didn't break up with you when Jackson threatened me was because I loved you, I was too afraid to let you go. I didn't want to hurt you but guess what idiot did exactly that a couple years later.

Auston placed the ring on the table and went over to his bed to think about his decisions.

Ariana got out of the hotel building and sat on the bench. She placed her head on her hands. Seeing that engagement ring on the table really hurt her. She really though that things with Jordyn weren't that serious, that he would come back to Ariana. She really did believe Regina when she said that it takes time and that he will come back to me because he loves me. She's been waiting all these years for him and now he's marrying a girl that only loves him for his money.

Ariana looked up at the stars that sparkles in the sky.

It's hard to still be in love with someone that's getting engaged to the wrong girl.

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