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"Who could be knocking at this hour?" Ariana got up and answered the door. Once she opened it, she never expected to see that person at her front door.

"Could you stop staring at my suit?" He said as he walked in without saying another word.

"Sorry I just never expected to see you in a suit at my front door at this hour" Ariana crossed her arms and stared at the short guy.

"I'm sorry but I just came here to set up this" Mitch pulled out a camera from his pocket and set it up at the corner of the room.

"So why the suit?" Ariana asked as he pulled out a lint roller and started to use it on his suit. "I thought this could add a dramatic effect on what's going to happen in a couple of hours" Mitch's eyes landed on the food on the table. "I came at the right time" Mitch sat down and started to eat.

"Mitch I was about to tell the kids about their father" Ariana closed her eyes hoping he would disappear when she opens them again.

"Go ahead tell them, I won't be a bother" Mitch says with his mouth full of food.

All of a sudden there was a another knock at the door.

"Now who could that be?" Ariana asked as she got up and answered it. Now she never expected this person to be at her door at all.

"Auston what are you doing here?" Ariana didn't know what to do once she saw Auston standing there. "Ariana we need to talk" Auston let himself in and was shocked to see Mitch there.

"Don't mind me i'll be on my way out" Mitch said grabbing the plate full of food and making his way out. Before he left he dropped a microphone in Ariana's purse which was next to the table without anyone noticing.

"Auston please make this quick" Ariana told him. "Ariana I have no idea where to begin" Auston took a deep breath.


"IM HERE!" Mitch runs into Stefan's apartment. Regina, Steph and of course Stefan were sitting in front of a computer. They were watching Ariana and Auston via the camera that Mitch placed in her place.

"Shhh!" Everyone shushed Mitch while keeping their eyes on the computer.

"Ariana you're the most amazing girl i've ever met and dated. When I first met you I thought you were just some girl who I would never be with ever. Little did I know we would be dating months later. I remember your face when I first asked you out, your eyes sparked and you gave out the biggest smile ever. Within those 6 years we've dated i've learned a lot about myself as a human being. I tried to become this person that wasn't me at all but luckily you were there to help me through it and helped me stay true to who I am.

I can tell you that I was stupid back then, a selfish jerk who wanted to explore more in life. I thought you were in the way of doing that so I broke up with you. I thought I was free after that but I was wrong. I felt trapped and alone after you left. A piece of me left once you were out of the picture. I became depressed and this person I promised you I wouldn't become. I realized that I needed to become a better person so I worked hard and opened my own company.

I then met Jordyn, I do admit that I like her but I wasn't in love with her, never was. She would tell me she loves me all the time but I would never say it back. It just didn't feel right if I said it to her. The only person i've ever said that to was you. Saying that to you felt right. You're the only person I would ever say I love you to.

I then met you here in Hawaii and I could tell you that I ecstatic, I couldn't show it of course. I kept telling myself that you would never take me back and that you would never love me back ever again. So I almost forced myself to propose to Jordyn. I almost spent the rest of my life with the wrong person. Thanks to Mitch he knocked me into my senses and I broke up with her.

Now here I am standing right in front of you telling my side of this bizarre story. Ariana I never stopped loving you and I never will"

Auston got down on one knee and held out the ring. "Ariana Delgado would you marry me and make me the happiest man alive"

Ariana couldn't believe what was happening right now. The man she loves is right in front of her right now.

"No" Ariana responded which surprised everyone.

"WHAT?!?" Regina, Stefan, Steph and Mitch yelled at the screen, they couldn't believe Ariana just did that.

"What?" Auston started to sweat, he knew this was too much.

Ariana got down on her knees and stared at Auston's eyes.

"Auston I don't need a proposal to show how much you love me. Auston I needed you to say those words to me and actually mean it. Auston I do admit that I was hurt over your decision back then but I still went with that because I wanted you to be happy. I was miserable for years even when I moved here, I thought I escaped everything but instead I brought it along with me. My love for you never left Auston. Never had and never will"

Auston smiled before cupping her face and smashed his lips against hers,

"HELL YEAH IT WORKED!!" The four celebrated the happy couple's long awaited reunion with drinks.

"I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you and start our own family" Auston told Ariana as her eyes widen. "What?" Auston noticed the change in her expression after he said that.

"About that" Ariana pointed to the dining table where the two kids sat. "I have some news to tell you"


And you can imagine what happens next.....

Thank you so much for reading this book, I had so much fun writing it!

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