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"Baby i'm going to miss you" Jordyn gave Auston a big hug. "I'll be there next week!" Jordyn gave Auston a kiss as he just spun her around.

"Hey gu-" Mitch saw the two kiss "Disgusting" Mitch said loud enough for them to hear. Jordyn got off of Auston and gave Mitch the death glare.

"Why do you always ruin everything?" Jordyn crossed her arms as she looked Mitch up and down. He was wearing an hawaiian shirt, shorts, sunglasses, a hat and a lei. "Nice outfit by the way" Jordyn snickered as Mitch just rolled her eyes at her.

"Slut" Mitch mumbled to himself as he walked over to the gate. "Baby I have to go now" Auston said giving Jordyn one last kiss as he made his way to the gate.

"Honestly I don't see what you like in her, all I see is a bitch" Mitch says taking a seat as the two wait to board the plane. "Mitch don't call her that!" Auston defended his girlfriend.

"Auston let's be honest here, she's a downgrade from Ari-" Mitch started before getting cut off from Auston. "Don't even mention her name" Auston warned him.

"Auston just saying the truth and don't deny it. Ariana was and still is the best girlfriend you've ever had" Mitch stated the facts. "Mitch shut up" Auston said to him. "See you're not denying it" Mitch pointed at him. "Now i'm going to get a cup of coffee and when I come back I want you to say that you were wrong and I was right" Mitch told him as he got up from his seat.

Auston slouched down on his seat, he knows Mitch is right but he doesn't want to confirm or deny it.

"Flight 264 to Hawaii is ready to board"


"Dude that plane ride was the worst" Mitch complained as soon as they got out of the plane.

"Mitch can you shut up for once, you're the one that slept on my shoulder the whole plane ride. I'm pretty sure i've got drool on my shirt" Auston said as he rubbed his shoulder.

"You know i'm just happy to be here in Hawaii!!" Mitch screamed out. A blonde girl walked past by Mitch causing Mitch to chase after her. "I'll meet you Auston at the hotel, I have to get this chicks number" Mitch said walking towards the girl.

Auston smiled and grabbed his luggage. He made his way to the shuttle which took him to the hotel.


Sorry for the short chapter, the next one will be longer and exciting.

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