[twenty two]

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"Okay tell me everything that happened last night?" Stefan asked as himself, Regina and Steph gathered around Ariana. "Guys I told you that nothing interesting happened okay?" Ariana walked back to the counter and continued to work.

"Guys!" Mitch runs through the doors "Where's Ariana?" He asked as they all pointed to where she was. "Ariana is everything okay?" Mitch asked as Ariana just nodded. "Of course I am, why wouldn't I be?". Mitch knew everything considering that Auston told him.

"Ariana I know what happened last night" Mitch leaned in and made sure the others couldn't hear "Auston told me". Ariana let out a deep breath and looked at the ground. "Mitch I don't want to talk about it" Ariana said as Mitch patted her on the shoulder. "Just saying i'm here if you need me" Mitch smiled before walking back to the others.

Ariana looked back at her friends, she heard someone behind her. She turned around and met eyes with Jackson. "Hey Ari" Jackson said as he looked through his mail. Ariana just stared at him, not saying a word. Ariana thought about how quickly Jackson reacted last night. She had this feeling in her gut that Jackson knew Auston. She felt like he has met Auston a long time ago, not recently.

"Earth to Ari!" Jackson waved his hand in front of her face snapping her out of her thoughts. "Oops sorry" Ariana apologized as Jackson snickered. "It's okay" Jackson replied as his phone started to ring "I'll be right back". Jackson excused himself and went back to his office leaving Ariana alone again.

She was about to make her way to her friends until she saw a familiar face enter the cafe. "Not today" she said to herself as she ran to the back to keep herself hidden. As she stood there the door to Jackson's office was open. Ariana didn't want to move from her spot and if she did he would definitely see her.

"Okay sis calm down, i'll give you his file later. Auston won't know a thing sis" Ariana looked confused as soon a he mentioned Auston. "Just meet me at my place at 7pm". Ariana knew he was about to hang up so she managed to go to the kitchen unnoticed.

Ariana pretended to do some work, at the same time Jackson walked into the kitchen. "Hey Ari do you mind looking over the cafe while i'm gone later?" Jackson asked as Ariana nodded. "Sure" Jackson smiled at her. He was about to say something but he got called outside. Jackson walked out of the kitchen.

Ariana smirked to herself. "Jackson knows something about Auston that I don't know and I'm going to get to the bottom of this" Ariana thought to herself.

"Hey girlfriend" Steph walked into the kitchen holding dishes. "Good thing you're in here, Auston would not leave this place" Steph said as she placed the dishes in the sink before facing Ariana. "And don't worry we told him that we have no idea where you are. We didn't tell him you worked here either" Steph assured her.

Ariana then thought of something. "Hey Steph can you help me with something later?"

Short chapter but I just wanted to tell you that I finally finished writing the book so updates will be coming quicker than before

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