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Auston looked at his watch. He was early. Today was the last day of him and Ari being a couple. In a couple of hours he would be losing the only girl he has ever loved.

He sat down on the bench in front of a small cafe. He looked at the people walking by him including a couple of hot girls. He smirked at every girl that passed by him.

"Hey Auston" Ari greeted him by giving him a hug. Auston hugged her tightly. He was going to miss hugging her like this.

"Auston it's been an amazing 6 years with you" Ariana said trying her best not to cry. "I'm going to miss you."

"Hey why are you acting like this is the last time you will see me?? We are going to be friends after this?? Right?" Auston asked her as Ariana nodded. He could see the pain through her eyes, he knows that she is not okay.

"Auston i'm sorry that I haven't been spending a lot of time with you" Ariana said "I'm also sorry that I wasn't the best girlfriend."

"Hey don't say that" Auston cupped her cheeks so that she could look at him "You've been the perfect girlfriend". Auston looked at her lips then at her eyes. Ariana nodded knowing that he was asking permission to kiss her.

Auston leaned in placing his lips on hers. That feeling of love was still there. Auston was going to miss kissing those soft lips of hers. They released from the kiss, for the first time it was awkward.

"Auston I have to go now" Ariana said "Bye bye Auston". Ariana gave Auston one last hug.

Ariana started to walk away. She turned around and said "Auston Matthews we are officially over". Ariana hated saying those words. She started to make her way back home.

Auston stood there, he didn't know what to do or what to think. The only he knows is that he is finally free.

Auston Matthews is officially single.

He thought that he would be more happier but he didn't. In fact he felt like he lost something important. He shook off the feeling and made his way to the club where he was suppose to meet Mitch and William.

Ariana closed her front door. She slid her back against it and started to cry.

"Ari!" Regina ran over to her once she heard the front door close. Regina gave her the biggest hug.

"Ariana I know that he still loves you" Regina said "Right now he's just being selfish. He feels like this is the right move for now but in reality it isn't. He will soon realize that you're the only person for him. He will regret ever losing you."

"Regina I miss him" Ariana cried out. "Ariana I know for a fact that you two will be back together. But you two can't force each other to be back together. Let fate decide when it's time". Regina gave her a reassuring smile. She helped her best friend off the ground.

"Oh I almost forgot" Regina pulled something out of her pockets "The flight agency called and it's official!! I got the tickets!!" Ariana smiled at herself as Regina gave her the tickets.

"We leave in two days!!" Regina excitedly said as she made her way to her room.

Ariana looked at the tickets before heading straight to the washroom. Lately her stomach has been in pain causing her to throw up.

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