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"Mommy!! Mommy!!" Jamie and Kyle ran up to their mom who was too busy sun tanning. "We found a crab in the ocean" Kyle held out the crab in front of their moms face.

"Kyle please get that away from me and go back to whatever you and your sister were doing before" Kyle listened to his mom and turned to his sister "Hey sisters go build sandcastles!" Kyle said as they both started to run off.

"Ari those kids really are something" Regina turned to her best friend. Ariana smiled as she looked back at her kids. Her smile quickly turned into a frown.

"Hey what's with the frown?" Regina asked her. "You know what Kyle asked me after school yesterday? Why do all the kids have a dad but Jamie and I don't?" Ariana looked down at the sand. "The kids always make fun of me and call Jamie and I dadless. You know how much his words hurt me? I feel bad that they don't have a dad" Ariana started to cry a little. Regina moved closer and gave her a comforting hug.

"Ari it's not your fault that the dad was being selfish and stupid" Regina said as Ariana slapped her. "Don't call him that" Ariana said.

"How about we go by the cafe and grab ourselves some drinks to help cool you down?" Regina asked as Ariana smiled again. "HEY KYLE AND JAMIE GET YOUR BUTTS OVER HERE NOW!!" Regina yelled to grab the kids attention.


"Auston I got the chicks number!" Mitch said as he walked into the hotel room. "Congratulations" Auston said as he laid on the bed. "Dude her name is Steph and i'm pretty sure she's into me" Mitch said proudly.

"Mitch please shut your mouth i'm trying to sleep" Auston groaned as he put a pillow on top of his face. Mitch went over a hit Auston with the pillow.

"It's not time to sleep when we have a whole state to experience" Mitch said "Now i'm gong to take a quick shower and when I get out I better see your thick ass out of bed and ready to go!" Mitch said as he entered the washroom.

Auston checked his phone. He looked through his calls and saw that he got a missed call from Jordyn. Auston decided to call her back.

"Hey baby" Her voice said from the other line. "How's my favourite girl doing?" Auston asked as Jordyn blushed. "I'm sorry your mom is not here" Jordyn joked. "You know what I mean" Auston told her.

"Well i'm doing fine but I got to be honest here. Your employees are a bunch of losers" Jordyn honestly said. "Babe they are not losers, they just love to work" Auston said taking a drink from his water bottle.

"I know it's just depressing" Jordyn said "Well I have to go now, Feather is calling me."

"You mean Heather?" Auston corrected her. "Whatever she's irrelevant anyways, why would I know her name?" Jordyn said. "I love you" She said as Auston just hung up the phone. Auston hates saying I love you to people.

"Okay i'm ready!!" Mitch said getting out of the washroom "Let's go lazy ass!" Mitch slapped Auston's ass before leaving the hotel room.

"How did I ever become friends with him?" Auston asked himself.


"Hey ladies what are you doing here on your day off?" Ari and Regina's boss Jackson asked as soon as the girls entered the cafe.

"Ariana is feeling a little down right now so we came here to get her usually so she would be happy again" Regina said patting her friend on the back.

"One caramel macchiato coming up!" Jackson said. Ariana and Regina went to find a seat.

"Hey girlfriends!" Ariana and Regina's gay co worker Stefan approached them. "Stefan!!" Regina got up and hugged him. "Hey Gina nice outfit" He complimented Regina's outfit. He turned to Ariana and noticed her frowning.

"Hey bestie why the frown?" Stefan took a seat next to her. Regina leaned over and whispered something in Stefan's ear. "That's horrible" he said as he gave Ariana his hug.

"Here it's time for bestie advice #1032" Stefan said as Jackson handed Ari her drink. "Girl tell your kids something about their father so they don't feel bad. Tell them how he was a good man even though he was a fucking bitch for leaving you" Stefan told her "Just tell your kids good stuff about him so they would be happy and we all know that if they're happen then you'll be happy" Stefan finished.

A blonde girl rushed into the cafe. "Sorry i'm late!! I got caught up with some guy" she said.

"Steph you're just in time, I need to tell you a story about my date with this guy yesterday" Stefan got up and went over to Steph.

Regina looked at he friend and smiled. Ariana noticed Regina staring at her. "Stop you're creeping me out" Ariana told her.

"Sorry it's just I wondered how we got to know such caring people" Regina said "I mean moving from Toronto to Hawaii was the best decision we've ever made."

"I love you" Ariana said as Regina gave her a side hug. "I love you too bestie."

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