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"Auston i'm going out to do a little shopping" Jordyn said as she gave Auston a peck. "I love you" Auston gave her a nod as she left the room. Auston cannot stop thinking about Ariana. Knowing that he saw Regina knew that he was close to seeing her. All he knows is that Regina works at the cafe.

"Auston can I borrow your razor?? I need to shave" Mitch asked as he held his broken razon in his hands. "Mitch you have nothing to shave" Auston said as Mitch stood there looking offended. "For your information I do have some hairs I need to shave" Mitch touches his chin.

"Mitch is it possible that I can go to the cafe today? I need to talk to Regina, I need some answers" Auston begged. Mitch looked unsure for a moment. He knew that Auston was hurting over the fact that his soulmate was in the same country as him. He stood by him for the last 6 years.

"Auston do you really want to see her?" Mitch asked as he took a seat next to Auston. Auston nodded yes as Mitch took a deep breath. "Then go see her, i'm not stopping you" Mitch said patting Auston on the back.

"Thanks Mitch i'll see you later!" Auston rushed out the hotel room. Mitch quickly grabbed his phone and dialled Regina.

Regina was at home babysitting the kids. She was on the couch binge watching her favourite show on Netflix. She picked up her phone once it started to ring and answered it.

"What do you want?" Regina asked stuffing her face with popcorn. "Regina does Ariana work at the cafe today?" He asked. "Yeah why?" Regina responded as Mitch started to pace back and forth.

"Auston may or may not be on his way to see her" Mitch said as Regina quickly shot up from the couch. "YOU TOLD HIM!!" She yelled out as Mitch flinched at her loud voice. "Right now is not the time to get angry at me" Mitch reminded her. "Okay um be at the cafe before Auston!" Regina told him as she hung up her phone.

"Kids Auntie Regina will be back!!" Regina yelled out as she left the house making sure she locked the door. Jamie and Kyle ran out their rooms and made sure she left. "ICE CREAM TIME!!" They both yelled as they ran up to the freezer.


"Hey Ariana can you serve that table over there?" Jackson asked Ari. "But isn't Stefan suppose to do that? I'm tired" Ari said as they looked over at Stefan who was too busy arguing with a costumer.

"Aren't you suppose to do something about that?" Ari pointed to Stefan as Jackson just laughed. "That's his ex, let him be" Jackson sent her a wink before walking away.

Ariana felt her cheeks burn up a little. She was making her way to the costumer. "ARIANA!" Regina and Mitch run into the cafe. Regina and Mitch both picked up Ariana. "Jackson we're taking her!" Regina told Jackson as he just nodded. They went out the back door and placed Ariana in Mitch's car.

"Okay why the he- Mitch?" Ariana didn't know what to do once she saw Mitch sitting right in front of her. She only knew him as the best friend of her ex.

"Hey Ariana long time no see" Mitch felt awkward. Regina cleared her throat "The reason why we did that was because Auston was making his way here and we needed to get you out of sight asap" Regina explained. "Auston's here?" Ariana asked as Regina nodded her head. Ariana began to panic "I don't want him here! Why the hell is he here and how does he know that i'm here?" Ariana kept asking questions.

"Well i'm the guy that Steph's seeing so myself bumping into Regina at the cafe was just fate and it was Regina's fault that Auston found her so..." Mitch trailed off as Regina flicked him on his head. Ariana dropped her head to her hands. She was in deep thought before something came up.

"Regina weren't you babysitting the kids?" Ariana asked as Regina's eyes widen. "Um about that, you see I was in such a ru- OUCH!" Ariana slapped Regina on the arm really hard. "MY PLACE NOW!!" Ariana demanded as Regina got to the front and started to drive.

The three arrived at Ari's place, the house was a mess. Food all over the place, paint on the walls, pillows, blankets and toys scattered on the ground. Ariana was definitely not pleased with what she saw. She saw the kids asleep on the couch. Ariana couldn't stay mad at them.

"So what time is the mom picking those kids up?" Mitch asked not knowing that those were Ariana's kids. Regina and Ariana started to laugh leaving Mitch confused. "Did I say something funny?" Mitch asked.

"Mitch those are Ariana's kids" Mitch stood there frozen, not moving one bit. "Hello Mitch" Regina waved her hand in front of the boy but he never even blinked. "Oh boy this could take a while" Regina mumbled trying to unfreeze Mitch.

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