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Auston waited in front of his old high school for Ariana to arrive. She told him to wait outside for her.

A yellow taxi pulls up. Ariana comes out. "Hey Auston" Ariana said as she approached him.

"Hey" Auston responded back "So what do you want to do?" He asked.

"Well don't you remember what happened in front of this school?" Ariana asked as Auston grinned. He remembers this place very well. 6 years ago he asked Ariana to be his girlfriend, in the exact same place they're standing.

"This was where I asked you to be my girlfriend" Auston said.


"Ariana can you come with me outside?" Regina asked her.

"For what reason?" Ariana asked as Regina didn't know how to respond back. Moments before talking to Ariana, Auston told Regina to make sure she gets Ariana outside.

Auston was planning on asking her to be his girlfriend today. Of course Regina wanted something in return so he waved a $100 bill in front of her face.

"Um I lost my earring outside can you help me?" Regina told Ariana as she completely believed her.

Regina led Ariana outside. As soon as Ariana was out, Regina ran back inside and locked the entrance.

"Regina!! Open up!! It's cold!" Ariana banged on the door hoping her best friend would open it.


Ariana turned around to face Auston. Auston was holding a rose and looked pretty cosy in his layers of jackets.

"Au-" Ariana started before she got cut off by Auston.

"Ariana we've been best friends for a while and during that time i've been beginning to develop feelings for you. I like you even more than a best friend. So i'm asking you Ariana Delgado to be my girlfriend?" Auston innocently asked.

Ariana was taken back and didn't know that Auston liked her this way. She turned around and saw Regina giving her a thumbs up.

"I would love to be your girlfriend Auston" Ariana said.

"It's okay Ariana I understand that yo- wait did you say you would??" Auston asked in disbelief, Ariana nodded as Auston ran up to her and gave her a hug.

He just got the girls of his dream.

End of Flashback

"Well thanks for meeting me here. I'm not feeling so good right now so i'm going to head home" Ariana said as she started to walk away.

"Ariana can I drive you home?" Auston offered. Ariana didn't want to go with him, she thought it would be too awkward.

"No it's okay i'll walk" Ariana said as she again to walk away, she never looked back.

While Auston wanted to say something to her, he was hoping she would look back but she never did. Auston felt kinda annoyed that Ariana would just leave after 5 minutes. But he did make a promise to her that they would do whatever she wants. Besides he already put her through enough pain.

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