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"Auston did you eat all the Oreos?!" Ariana yelled from the kitchen. Auston chuckled to himself as he saw his girlfriend look for her favourite snack.

"Okay I found it!" Ariana screamed of joy as she joined her boyfriend on the couch. Ariana cuddled against her boyfriend's chest. Whenever she felt stressed she would always lay her head on his chest and hear his heartbeat, it always calmed her down.

"Te amo" Ariana whispered to Auston as Auston just gave her a kiss on the forehead. Ariana drifted to sleep, Auston let out a sigh and pulled her closer to him.

He couldn't feel any spark anymore between the two. He was so used to seeing her everyday. The two spent as much time as possible whenever Auston had a day off. Auston and Ariana were always with each other to the point were Auston wanted to get away from her as soon as possible.

He felt like he lost that freedom he had a long time ago when the two started to date. At this point he was annoyed to be with her, he felt like this relationship was overrated. 6 years together, 6 long years and he is only feeling this way now.

Auston truly loved Ariana, he really did. But that love for her slowly slipped away in a blink of an eye.

The two would spend hours talking about their future together. Ariana would have everything planned out while Auston couldn't really see anything with her.

This relationship isn't perfect and they managed to get through it. Unfortunately he isn't feeling it anymore.

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