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Ariana finished up packing the last box. She began carrying the box into the living room until Regina stopped her.

"Let me help you" Regina grabbed the box out of Ariana's hands and left the room.

Ariana looked around the room. She noticed a small box in her now empty closet.

She opened it, she saw everything that Auston has given her. From a teddy bear to their promise rings, this box holds a lot of memories.

Sadly Ariana wanted to get rid of the memories. She knew that Auston would come by her place.

She wrote a little letter and placed it on her old bed along with the box. She took one last look at her room before leaving.

"You ready?" Regina asked Ariana as the two walked out the front door.

"Ready than i'll ever be! It's time for a fresh start" Ariana smile while rubbing her stomach which was in pain right now.

"To the airport we go!" Regina cheered as the two got into the car to start their new adventure.


"Auston we got the job!!" Mitch yelled running into Auston's room. He was holding a yellow envelope.

"Mitch we don't know yet if we got the job" Auston grabbed the envelope out of Mitch's hands "You haven't opened it you idiot" Auston smacked his head.

"Now what's so important that you had to wake me up from my nap" a grumpy William walked into the room.

"Whatever is in this envelope may change our lives for good" Mitch said as Auston slowly opened the envelope. Every second was nerve wracking for all of them.

Auston opened the letter and read it. "HOLY SHIT!!" Auston jumped up and down handing the letter to Mitch "WE GOT THE JOB!!"

"YAY!!" Auston and Mitch started to jump up and down. William just rolled his eyes and made his way back to his room to continue his nap.

"Wait let me call A-" Auston stopped himself before he could say her name. Every time Auston had good news he would always call Ariana, she would be the first person he would tell. Now that they are over Auston didn't know what to do.

"You okay there?" Mitch asked Auston who was lost in his thoughts. "Yeah, just feels weird not telling her" Auston said.

"Well let's go celebrate at the strip club!! You're finally allowed to go without asking permission from her! We will leave in 10" Mitch said leaving Auston's room.

Auston sat on his bed and stared at Ariana's number. He wondered if it was a good move to call her.

Auston pressed on the contact. He listened to the rings, for the first time in a long time he was nervous to talk to her.

Hey it's Ariana!! I'm too busy with my boyfriend so please leave a message after the beep.

Auston felt sad knowing that he isn't her boyfriend anymore. He knew he shouldn't be mad at her.

This whole thing was indeed his own fault.

Auston turned his phone off and went outside to meet Mitch.

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