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"Auston get up!" Mitch slammed pillows on Auston causing him to wake up. Auston looked up and rubbed his eyes.

"What the hell do you want?" Auston asked the brown haired boy who stood right in front of him.

"Will and I are thinking of going to the strip club, want to come?" Mitch asked. Auston wanted to go badly but he made a promise to Ariana that they would meet somewhere.

"Sorry Mitch maybe next time, I have to meet Ariana later" Auston declined Mitch's request.

"I thought you broke up with her? That's what you told me when I got home last night" Mitch recalled even tho he was half drunk.

"Yeah but she wants me to still be her boyfriend until the end of this week, she wants to hang out with me for a little bit." Auston explained to Mitch who stopped listening to him before Auston even started talking.

"Well I just can't wait till you are done with her. Auston you're going to be free, can't wait to go to the club with you without bringing her with you" Mitch said as he patted his friend on the shoulder and walked out of his room.

Auston picked up his phone and saw a text message from Ariana

From: Ariana

Meet me at the park in 10

Auston put his phone back in his pocket and began to make his way there. Once he got there he noticed a brunette haired girl sitting on the bench. He smiled and made his way towards her.

"Hey" Auston approached Ariana. Ariana got up to face him. Auston noticed her puffy eyes but didn't bother to say anything.

"H-Hi" Ariana replied back to Auston. "Remember this place?"

"Yeah this is the place where we first met" Auston said looking down at the girl.


"Regina i'll be there soon" Ariana told her friend over the phone. Ariana hung up and started to make her way through the park. She was rushing over to her friends house from school after Regina called and said she had an emergency.

Ariana was walking too fast and accidentally bumped into a strong buff guy. Ariana dropped her binder causing all her papers to fall on the ground.

"Oh shit i'm sorry" The guy apologized to Ariana as he helped her. He looked right into her eyes, he thought that she had the most beautiful eyes.

"It's okay" Ariana said as she grabbed her binder back from the guy. "Hey i've seen you before" Ariana knew his face from somewhere.

"Yeah we're in chemistry together" Auston replied back. "Ariana right?" Auston put out his hand for her to shake.

"Yeah and your name is Auston" Ariana accepted his handshake.

"Well I have to go to my friends house" Ariana started running ahead. She turned around and looked at Auston.

"Thanks again!! See you on Monday!!" Arian yelled out loud enough for Auston to hear.

Auston waved back at her which a big smile on his face.

End of flashback

"I remember this place very well" Auston said to her. Both of them could feel the awkward tension between the two.

"Well I have to go now. Tomorrow at 12 meet me in front of our old school. Bye" Ariana said quickly before walking away.

Auston watched her walk away, he frowned at himself. He thought that they're going to spend at least some time together, not only 10 minutes.

"Ariana wait!!" Auston yelled out but it was too late. Ariana had already got into her car and drove away.

Auston laughed at himself and sat down on the bench reflecting on what just happened.

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