This is officially the last chapter of this story and I must say, this story has come a long way. I'm sort of emotional because It's been a year since I've been writing this and this has been my most popular story on here and I just love this.It's so close to my heart. 

After this ends, I'll be handing it over to a editor on Wattpad itself to edit my mistakes and then start promoting for REAL. Since it'll be complete people won't have to wait for another chapter :)

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I looked at our hands intertwined so perfectly. Like they were meant to be together. Wrapped. His long, slender fingers wrapped around mine. His warmth radiated all around me. We were breathing so slowly . I closed my eyes and lay down my head on my soft pillow. He came closer. I could feel his hot, minty breath on my neck and it sent tingles all over my body. A frenzy began. 

The kiss began very slowly. First he looked at me so lovingly, telling me through his eyes that he wanted me. The love that his eyes held for me was indescribable. I felt like a true woman.

He placed his arms around my waist and gently kissed me on the neck. I mourned slowly, enjoying the moment. He left a trail of sweet kisses all over my neck, sending pleasure all over my body. Gently, he kissed my lips, teasing me, trying to make me desperate so I could demand. 

And I couldn't wait anymore. I grabbed his head and locked my hands around it and kissed him greedily with all my strength. Savoring the lovely taste of his lips that always took me to Lala Land. Finally, he mourned, making me smirk through the kiss. I bit his lip, gently, teasing him now. I felt his perfectly toned chest, enjoying every part of it. I slowly unbuttoned his shirt and felt his toned abs and smiled. He was mine.

This time he didn't wait. He forcefully entered my mouth and started massaging my mouth with his tongue and I lost it. I couldn't understand anything. I was intoxicated. I was lost in the way he kissed me gently and the way his hands moved all around my body.

His hand went under my shirt and gently pressed the small of my back. He gently sucked the spot below my ear and pleasure shot all over my body. I mourned and kissed him harder. 

Slowly, he pulled back and looked at me. I smiled at him and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"That's the best morning breakfast ever." I smirked.

Greg laughed and gently caressed my face and I closed my eyes, feelings his fingers gently moving over my cheek. His fingers moved towards my lips and gently brushed across them. I gasped slowly, he was really testing my patience.

"You have to control." He whispered in my ear, blowing gently. Gosh, he was making me really hot.

"Stop that. You're doing it on purpose.." The last word came out more like a groan. I was really getting impatient. 

He laughed his sweet, seductive laugh and I rolled on top of him and straddled him. My hands roamed all over his chest and he stared at me with complete bewilderment. 

"Now who's the boss?" I smirked and tilted my head slowly, exposing my neck.

I took my top off and gently kissed his neck and started sucking on it.

"Adi..Don't..Leave a hickey.. Please.." He mourned and groaned.

And that's what I did. I pulled back up to examine my work and yes! It looked perfect. It was a perfect way to tell all those ladies who eyed him. He was taken and he was mine.

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