Chapter 14 !!




Chapter 14

It had been a week since Greg and me shared that kiss. It's been a week since I last saw Nick. I don't know where I am and who I'm hurting. I know that I'll hurt Nick at the end, but I don't regret. I'm just getting even. And I don't care about John. 

I sat down on the grass, feeling the heat of the sun on my warm skin. I turned to look at Nicky, who was busy playing with her hair. I sighed. This is so boring. 

I quickly got up and pulled  down my top, fixing my hair. 

"Nicky, lets get going, we're gonna be late." I muttered as I picked up my bag.

"Mmm.Few more minutes.Sit."

I rolled my eyes and walked off, staring at the boys laughing and slapping each other's backs. 

I walked around , aimlessly, till I spoted Karen. 

I walked towards her, smiling and waving.

"Hey girl!" I said.


"So how's life?" I asked Karen as we walked towards our first class, maths.

"It's going good...It's just. I dumped Carter and I feel so bad about it. He totally loved me but I just felt that breaking up with him was the best thing to do right now.. We both needed a breather." She sighed.

I smile at her, feeling her sorrow. It was just like John and me. But I would never tell her to do what I did. It was just so ridiculous.

"Don't worry Karen, everything's gonna be okay. And after all, you said it yourself this is temporary."

Karen nodded and smiled at me,grabbing my arm and dragging me towards the washroom.

"So like, there's this party tonight, at this club.. You know Violet ? The new pub? O-M-G everyone's gonna be there !! Yesterday was the gran opening and Carter's uncle owns the club so..He invited everyone and it's like, the biggest party!! " She said as she applied her lip gloss. I laughed, she was so cute!

"Okay, I'm in ! Can I invite some people?" I asked, looking directly into her eyes. Eye contact was like the best thing!

She just chuckled and winked at me. I gave her a confused look. What?

"Of course, I already spoke to Carter. Greg and Nicky are definitely invited. In fact, even John's gonna be there." 

I smiled at her and hugged her, feeling the excitement rising. I so needed to go shopping for a sexy dress!!

"Hey Karen, do you have a dress for tonight?"

"Of course not! I'm never prepared." She said while pouting her shiny lips. I laughed.

"Okay then it's settled ! We're going shopping after lunch!"

"But I can't afford to miss my classes after lunch.. I'll totally get busted."

I rolled my eyes as I quickly grabbed her arm and dragged her out of the washroom.

We stepped inside a small room, which looked like an office. A small table was placed at the corner, and a blond guy sat there typing. 

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