Chapter 17!! 

This story isn't really getting as many comments as I expected it to get . I mean, seriously, I advertise a lot and upload  and stuff. There are like 17 chapters and its just.. kinda sad.

But anyways, I've never written a book before and it is my first try. I want to complete this and then move on. I'll get a little experienced. This may be a little short,because I really have limited time now.



Chapter 17

Have you ever felt like the world around is is moving but you're just frozen? Like time just keeps ticking but you're still stuck forever?

It's like all the people in the world pass by you, probably even look at you but then walk off because they have their own lives to live and their own troubles to take care off and they couldn't care any less about you. That's how I felt. Like garbage.

I was the girl who grew up to be everyone's favorite. A teacher's pet, the popular girl with the good looks , the guys favorite etc. All the girls envied my good looks and secretly thought I was model material. 

I was the girl who could get any boy dancing on my finger tips. But only one boy didn't fall for my good looks an charm. Greg. It's very frustrating.

Well, here I now, in a position I like to call shit. I'm  in a  big mess. I'm in shit.

I sighed and closed my eyes again, hoping this was all just a bad dream. But when I opened my eyes again, it was revealed that it wasn't a dream. It was reality.

I got up and went inside the bathroom and took a long hot shower. Images of last night flashed and they made me so much weaker. I started crying. The water ran down my cold body, and the tears rolled down my cheeks. I covered my face, rubbing my eyes. I was so weak.

I stepped out and stared at my reflection in the mirror. My face looked as pale as a ghost and I had dark circles under my eyes. My lip was swollen and my eyes were all puffy and red. I sighed. I really coudln't care less about my face.

I wrapped the small towel around my body and walked inside the room, exiting the bathroom. The water droplets dripped down on the carpet and I felt goosebumps rising on my arms and legs. I shivered.

I looked around, trying to find some clothes to wear when I saw a neat pile of clothes on the tidy bed. I sighed. Karen must have kept them here while I was gone. I started wearing the clothes. The bra fitted me perfectly and so does the panties. I stared at myself at the long mirror in the room. My body looked so fragile and weak. I shook my head.

I wore the faded blue denim jeans and T-shirt and brushed my hair. I decided to tie my hair in a loose, messy ponytail. I opened the door and went downstairs. I saw Karen sitting down on her sofa watching television. 

"Hey." She said when she  saw me coming.

I smiled at her. Looks like she doesn't hate me..

"Thank you Karen.. For all of this. I completely understand if you hate me and think I'm a slut because honestly, I have no idea who I am.. I just.." I stopped. I was so speechless.

She nodded and smiled at me, squeezing my arm gently."You really think I think of you as a slut? That thought never even occurred to me! Adi, just because you messed up a little it really doesn't mean I hate you! And what happened yesterday was horrible but it was Nick's fault too. And of course, Greg's....He should have been in his senses and well..Adi, you deserve him."

I shook my head, how could she even say that? "No Karen! I messed up. Nick hates me and Greg hates me too! Nicky hates me like hell! And I owe Nick an explanation but what do I tell him? I mean, I saw the look in his eyes! He was shocked and I broke his heart! I mean, I'm such a jerk! I shouldn't be seducing Greg at the first place.. I-" 

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