How To Seduce Jungkook [18+] by Soft_jeon
How To Seduce Jungkook [18+]by Soft_jeon
"Don't be easy, play hard to get." "Make him jealous." "Make him want you." "Is that it?" "Hmh, far from it." - In whic...
  • taehyung
  • parkjimin
  • 반탄소년단
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How I Seduce My Boss (COMPLETED) by purpleNstripe
How I Seduce My Boss (COMPLETED)by purpleNstripe
Si Annie ay simpleng babae ngunit malakas ang appeal pagdating sa mga kalalakihan. Nagtagpo ang landas nila Adam Fuentes nung muntik na siyang mabangga ng motor nito. Na...
  • inlove
  • wookie
  • seduce
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Carmen's Karma| Mini Urban  by Daeeyonce
Carmen's Karma| Mini Urban by GeekFreak😛
"When you make ya bed, you gotta lay in that shit."
  • seduce
  • violince
  • urban
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Sirens,Nymphs And Mermaids: The Chronicles by CGShiba
Sirens,Nymphs And Mermaids: The C.G. Shiba
Three different creatures but with one Mission. Many questions but with one answer. A Siren A Nymph And A Mermaid To find the truth they must find the key, the key t...
  • lure
  • wattys2018
  • seduce
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Succubus {tododeku&bakudeku} by Simple_Shitty_Me
Succubus {tododeku&bakudeku}by Simple_Shitty_Me
Have you ever met a succubus? Do you even know what they are? The simple answer is: They're monsters. The worst kind. They make you thirst for them, hunger for them, cra...
  • fanfic
  • romance
  • highschool
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Demons Love For A Human (Sam x reader) (Seduce me the otome) by QweenBeeWannaBee
Demons Love For A Human (Sam x QweenBeeWannaBee
You and your sister: Mika. We're moving into your grandfathers mansion. And you didn't have a choice. But as you enter the house you and Mika find yourselves in a sticky...
  • suzu
  • otome
  • damian
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Seduce Me ~ The Path To Forgiveness by LabellaDynasty
Seduce Me ~ The Path To Forgivenessby Labella
This story is about you, a young woman saved by a kind man from a haunting fate. He gives you a home and he makes you family, things you never thought you could have aga...
  • love
  • otome
  • matthew
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Sexually Seductive (Hailee/You) by ericoates15
Sexually Seductive (Hailee/You)by Eric Oates
Y/N Was Having A Shower In The Ladies Changing Room Of A Waterpark In Constanta, Romania When She Meets A Girl From The Same Country There, Her Name Is Hailee Steinfeld...
  • haileesteinfeld
  • dualipa
  • halsey
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Academy of the Good by ElisiaWrites
Academy of the Goodby Elisia
"We're bad guys, its what we do." -Harley Quinn . Karma Heaven is a pretty bad girl. No, not in the kinky sense. When she gets arrested for the fifth time, thi...
  • school
  • learn
  • bad
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Seducing My Enemy | ✔ by jadexwrites
Seducing My Enemy | ✔by Jade A.R
CURRENTLY EDITING - SLOWLY PUBLISHING CHAPTERS Aiden Gerhard, the campus bad boy and Catharina, the most popular girl. One word to describe their relationship: enemies...
  • seducingmyenemy
  • unexpectedmarriage
  • populargirl
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Seducing The Campus King (Campus Series 1) by RainieLee6
Seducing The Campus King (Campus LGiareen
Elyse's parents decided to migrate to the Philippines because of their business but not Elyse. She want to go to the Philippines to make Ivo-her childhood bestfriend fro...
  • cliche
  • school
  • rainielee6
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~Seduce me~|| ~FanFiction~ || ~Seven Demons all around you~|| Incubi x reader|| by Jeaellasar
~Seduce me~|| ~FanFiction~ || Jeaellasar
In the Abyssal Plains, the incubi befriended one of their father's slaves. They however failed in taking her with them when escaping with the help of Mika's grandfather...
  • izroul
  • sam
  • aomaris
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~ Seduce Me ~ Victim Of Circumstance by LabellaDynasty
~ Seduce Me ~ Victim Of Labella
There's something about her. She doesn't know her name, where she came from, how she got there, or what she is. She's not human, the intoxicating aura that surrounds her...
  • matthew
  • incubi
  • romance
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A Broken Heart | Erik x OC by QweenBeeWannaBee
A Broken Heart | Erik x OCby QweenBeeWannaBee
Carter Meller lives with her parents in a little apartment. She used to have the best life. They had money, they had a big house, And it was a cheerful time. Her parent...
  • seduce
  • sam
  • damian
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seduce me x reader oneshots by aomarryme-
seduce me x reader oneshotsby malix is my father
its mostly lemons
  • lemon
  • matthew
  • diana
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Needing is One Thing by ErlenmeyerKat
Needing is One Thingby Erlenmeyer Kat
A Seduce Me Fan fiction: Mika was beautiful, fascinating, and warm; yet so very dangerous. She had the potential to burn him, if he wasn't careful. Andrew had cha...
  • incubus
  • fantasy
  • mika
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Seduce Me Otome The Incubi's stories  by thecursedauthor
Seduce Me Otome The Incubi's thecursedauthor
Welcome one and all to the story's of how my lovely prince and my OC had met. indulge in a fictional world created by Michaela Laws Follow the journey of Sam, James, Er...
  • seduce
  • novel
  • romance
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Step Brother Turns Me On (Completed) by Ro-Kyl
Step Brother Turns Me On ( Exorcism
Just read, because if I put some description it may cause to me to right the plot. Okay just read it, Thumbs up. 👍
  • bxb
  • gayromance
  • stepbrother
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Matthew x Reader One shots {Seduce Me} by XxSunnytheStarxX
Matthew x Reader One shots { ~Xx_HPLover_xX~
Matthew one shots ^.^ All characters except my OC's Belong to Michaela Laws and the people who helped her make such an amazing game!!
  • incubi
  • matthew
  • diana
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Is It Insane To Love Her? by PrincessOfBagels
Is It Insane To Love Her?by i is trash
Everyday he visits her. His sister that is. Her drug abuse has gone so bad she went insane and ended up here. In the asylum. Then he saw her. Someone else. Their eyes l...
  • mental
  • seduce
  • love
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