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Chapter 25

I sighed and walked around the whole house at least 2 times. Was the guy lost or something?

I rolles my eyes. This is complete shit, I thought to myself.

Why can't I just rewind and undo my sins and not seduce Greg and stuff like that.. So Nicky could be happy with Greg forever and well, me with John.. Or Nick.. OR MAYBE NOBODY.

I really wanted to go back to my normal life.. When I was the slut, everybody loved me and I was happy like that, really.

Many people think sluts suck. Well, they do.. But I think it's called being FREE.

When you don't give a shit about what the world says. 

It's not like I slept with the entire SCHOOL POPULATION.

I just slept with a couple of guys from the team and voila! I was a SLUT.

And at first, I was REALLY hurt, like WOAH. No way did they just call me that! But soon.. I kinda liked it.. I became popular.. Lost my virginity to a gay and things fell in place. I was THE slut. 

In a way, my label helped me achieve what I wanted. Attention. Not that I was like an attention seeker.. But I felt too lonely. Invisible. My label made me stronger, much more confident and proud of myself. It helped me grow in so many ways. Ways that people JUST CAN'T UNDERSTAND. 

And now, I don't care what the world has to say. What matters the most is that I stay true to myself..Because you know what, I'm FREE. and if that makes me  a SLUT. Well then I don't fucking care.

People think I have some sort of metal heart, that I'll never get hurt.. But the truth is.. I DO  get hurt.. And it hurts real bad. Especially when I find out the nasty stuff people think about me.. It hurts so bad. But like I said, I don't really care so this stuff doesn't affect me much. 

So yeah, my life as a slut turned out to be pretty good. Unfortunately right now, I was playing the good girl helping others and stuff. AND BELIEVE ME, I HATE IT.

But it's my best friend... And I'd do ANYTHING for her after the shit.. So I guess helping her wasn't a big deal anyway. 

I think Nicky being pregnant isn't something big now.. Because I think I'm finally getting out of the OMG stage. What I'm worried about is child support and her parents. 


Yeah, okay, I was freaked. I was so scared because Nicky was terrified. LITERALLY. And she's just a small ,innocent girl stuck in a mad house. She REALLY needs help.

Calm down Adi, I ordered myself.

The bell rang.

It's now or never.

"Nicky, are you ready?" I yelled.

"Yeah!" Nicky yelled back.

Great, go for it. 

My hand clutched the door knob. My hand started sweating. I took a deep breath and quickly turned the knob and a thin, not so hot guy stepped smiles at me. A nervous smile. I sighed. No way.

"You must be Robert" I said, not interested at all.

"Yeah, that's me..Is Nicky inside?" He was distracted.. Well, whatever.

"Nicky!! Come down" I shouted.

Slowly, a fragile, pale Nicky walked down the stairs, her hair neatly tied up in a pony and a nervous smile spread across her face.She had her eyes locked at Robert. I could feel the tension growing.

Well, this sounds extremely stupid. Let's get this over with.

"So I guess I should leave you guys to talk about your problems.. I mean, you do need to talk about the baby.. I mean your baby. And .. other stuff. "I smiled awkwardly and left them.

I quickly ran upstairs and fell on my bed. I was a wreck. I hadn't got any time to look after my self in these past few days. Well, time to concentrate on the second most messed up thing in my life.


I hesitated but finally picked up my cell phone. His number was on my speed dial.. Was it the right thing to do? What if he hated me? But I had to be strong. I dragged him along with me. I have to fix this.

I pressed 'dial' and waited for him to pick the phone up. Seconds passed.. They felt like the most dreadful minutes of my life..

Finally, a sleepy voice said a small "hello."


"Adi?" Suddenly, he sounded way better and alert. Nice.

"I-I..Yeah. I think you know why I called."

"I got the idea." He replied back .

I winced, he sounded so sarcastic and rude.. What was going on?

"Listen, I know I made a mistake, No A HUGE MISTAKE. But you can't just move on like this.. Not without talking to me .. We.I-" I kept stammering. Damn you Greg.

"I don't have time for this shit Adi. I'm a fool to fall for you.Seriously, leave me alone. I'm so stressed right now and the last thing I need is to see you." He yelled through the phone.

My heart broke.. Did he just say that? It felt like someone had just ripped my heart out and stamped on it and then throw it in a garbage tin. Yeah, I felt like garbage.

"Greg..Don't do this. I did this all because I loved you..How can you say stuff like this to me?" My voice was shaking, making it difficult for me to speak.

"No Adi, You don't love me, you wanted me. You just couldn't stand me being with Nicky. Greed is what lead you to this." His words cut threw me like a dagger.

I gasped..Could Greg be right? Was it all greed? Was it the fact that the guy I had known for so many years had fallen for my bestfriend and not me made me do all of this? I couldn't help but wonder. It all made sense.

But what about all the moments I spent with him, when I felt like my true self. When I felt most alive and lively. What about that feeling I had felt when we kissed for the first time? It was love. It had to be.

"No Greg, you're wrong. It is love. I love you and you know what, Nicky can't do anything about it and most of all, YOU can't do anything about it. YOU can't change my feelings. It's the truth and that's final" I found my voice back. I knew I was telling the truth. All these years I had kept all my secrets locked away, safe. But now, this was the moment of truth.

He sighed. "Well, I don't think we could ever be together Adi."

I started crying. That's it. I hung up .

No way could this be happening.

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