A/N : So here's my 3rd story: How I seduced My Bestfriend's Boyfriend. I just don't remember how this idea popped into my head, but suddenly I was like : "I want to write something naughty!" Lol. So then, This story came into my head. I've been picturing the actors, story etc. since like a week now. I want to post it now :) So, First I'd like to thank the few people reading Elite Love, your support is amazing and I LOVE YOU PEOPLE! Now, I realize that majority of the people like to read story like this. So I decided to try something out! :D

I hope you enjoy this story. I'm thinking of keeping the main lead role [male] as Logan Lerman. I love him so much!! His neck O__O I don't know why, but I get attracted to a guy's neck.. I mean that's the first thing I notice in a guy. xD I don't know why. It's weird. Most girls go: eyes, lips etc. And Logan Lerman is THE BOMB. :)

So here's a description! Of the story! :)

Presenting... The Description of.. HOW I SEDUCED MY BESTFRIEND'S BOYFRIEND!!

*Drum roll*

Addison "Adi" has had a crush on Greg , the cutest, sweetest boy in East High School since like forever. When she finds out that her bestfriend, Nicole "Nicky" is going out with Greg, she feels jealous..Very jealous. That''s when things get very ugly.. Adi wants Greg while Greg is totally in love with Nicky. The only thing that Adi can do is seduce Greg. But can she do it, knowing that her bestfriend is dating him? Can she break her heat just to get a guy? Most of all, will she ACTUALLY cross her limits? Hmm. Only time will tell.


haha! How was it?? I think it was good ;P Suspense and hotness. Excited? I know I am!! So just to get you guys more excited [ if you already are!] please continue reading because here is the prologue of How I Seduced My Bestfriend's Boyfriend! :)



 Okay, so I'm going to ask you 2 simple questions.

Do you ever feel like that one guy is everything you ever want?

Like you could give him anything because you love him?

Yeah, well, I did. 

I know, you're probably thinking that I'm a slut and stuff like that, but you know what?

I couldn't control myself.

I mean, I did try you know. I tried so hard but I guess I'm just crazy in love. 

I still don't know if I'll ever be able to tell anyone of what I did. Because what I did, is horrible. And I had to read few books for it. Yeah, BOOKS. 

But the truth is, I guess I don't regret it. Because he was blind. Blind in love. I showed so many signs, flirted ever minute and he knew I cared for him. But he still couldn't figure out the signs. I just had to do it. 

Not that I'm very proud of it. I mean, would you ever tell your kids that hey, you know I seduced this guy in my high school once. I mean, thats just creepy.

But when I found out that the guy I love was dating my bestfriend, I just couldn't resist it anymore. And he made it so much more difficult for me. 

At first, I was scared but then I realised how much I wanted him and this made me do things that were completely out of this world.

I discovered how much I could exceed just to get a guy. And believe me, it's pretty shocking.

But apart from that, I also realised that I was the biggest bitch you could ever meet. Yeah, I'm not even joking. 

Anyways, so here's me sharing a story about my life. A story probably no one would have ever heard about. And I Addison Jones, seduced my bestfriend's boyfriend, Greg Hanson. 

A mission to one someone's heart. 

Mission: Seduce Greg.


This is a new prologue. Everyone says that I let out too much information in the previous prologue but I kinda liked it and now I feel like this one is just really plain. But I've tried my best. I've just described what she's done and stuff. So.. Please tell me what you think :)


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