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Chapter 11

God dammit.

Why am I even here? This place is full of teenagers drinking , dancing and OMG. Gross!

I really need to get out of here.

You see, when I realized we had to leave for the party, I got a little pissed. I was having an amazing time with Greg and then BAM! It's 7 PM

I really hate going to parties like this.

I rolled my eyes as I saw everyone sticking their tongues down each other's throats.Ew.

I sat on a chair next to the kitchen counter. If I probably opened one of those huge cabinets, I bet I would find someone making out.

I decided not to do that and sat quietly, pulling my short dress a little down so it could cover my exposed legs. I felt so miserable right now. I couldn't find ANYONE I KNEW after we entered this place. I mean, all I remember was that I was grabbed by this group of jocks who slapped my ass and stuff and winked and then in like few seconds I was on the dance floor. That's when Greg just walked off. LIKE AS IF I TOLD THOSE GUYS TO TAKE ME! I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW THEM.

I can't find John, Nicky ,Karen or Greg. I mean, WHAT THE HELL?

I bet John's fucking some girl right now. I shrugged and then felt a hand wrap around my waist.

I screamed really loudly. But no one heard me, due to the heavy metal music playing.

I was very good at self defence and I immediately started slapping my attacker. I was about to bite the attacker's neck when I saw who it was.


I quickly let go off his neck. But my hands felt so good around his neck. His neck was so warm.. Adi! WHAT THE HELL.

I quickly fixed my hair and dressed and looked at him in a serious manner.

I was scared. Scared that he was going to betray me just the way he had done. Scared that he'd use it as a weapon and then manupilate me again. His dark eyes spoke a lot. I fell for his charm.. His amazing nature, amazing eyes.. His eyes. Oh yeah, his lips too. Mmmm..

Yeah, now I know why Greg thinks I have hormonal issues.

I didn't realize I was breathing so loudly.He looked at me like I was crazy but he had a warm smile on his face.


My mouth dropped open. I could feel the tears building up. I just.. I actually liked him one time. But he just turned out to be a jerk. A man-whore. A son of a gun.

"What?"I said as I got up from the shair, ready to walk out.

Suddenly, he grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to him. Our chests touching. His body was perfect. My body fitted so well with his.

My heart was beating faster then ever. I was sure he could feel my heartbeat. I bet he could tell I was afraid.

"Adi. Let me explain." I felt icy prickles run down my spin as he said my name.

"No, just get away from me." I said. But I didn't push away.

"Please Adi." He said in a alarmed tone. His dark eyes full of anxiety. I could tell he was worried he'd hurt me again. Or maybe that was just an illusion.

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