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Chapter 7

I stepped out of my bed even though I was ordered not too.

I was wearing a pair of sweatpants and a tank top which revealed a little bit of my stomach.

I took a look at myself. I looked like a mess. 

My hair was in a messy bun, with knots. My eyes were puffy and dark circles had formed under them and my lips were swollen. 

I had no idea how this happened. I guess I was so tired and stuff. My head ached.

This was so not good.

I dragged myself down the stairs and looked around for a glass when I heard a sound that nearly gave me another mini heart attack.


I screamed. Well, squealed.

"Nicky! You nearly killed me!" I yelled at her .

"Sorry." She bit her lip and looked down. 

I looked like trash in front of her. She looked like a goddess . Her beautiful,silky blonde hair was all over her fragile shoulders. Her green eyes glittering and she had a smirk on her face. She was so pretty. But I was better. 

"It's alright." I said, while taking a glass and pouring orange juice into it.

I noticed my black  cardigan lying on the sofa, I picked it up and quickly wore it, wrapping it around me.

I felt her warm hands take my cold ones , gripping them tightly.

"Hey... Greg told me. I mean, about the part where you were like all pissed and stuff. I know I should have told you about this... But it happened too soon and I had no idea. He just.." She looked at me and giggled. "asked me out." 

I couldn't help but giggle as well. The way she said it was so cute. I guess I could fel happy for her. After all, Nicky harldy dated. And Greg was a good guy, they looked amazing together. Plus, Greg thought of me as a friend. Nothing else. So why should I just sit around, doing nothing when I could go back to dating jocks and not give a care about Greg? 

That sounded perfect. Which was why I decided to call John. And take him back. It had been only a few days since we broke up, but in a way, I did like him. He was charming, sweet and loyal. He was different. Even though he was the school's basketball captain. It didn't matter to me. He was an exception. He didn't have eyes for any other girl while we were dating. Now, which girl wouldn't die for a boyfriend like that? And here I was, getting pissed over the fact that the guy I loved was dating someone else and wasn't aware of my feelings when I already had John.

"You know what? You guys are amazing together. I mean, really. I'm happy for you two. I..I just feel like breaking up with John was wrong." I admitted it. 

She smiled at me and nodded.

"He's really different. He cares for you. A lot...You should. Totally.. Call him.. Now!" She stammered. 

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