Chapter 19 :)

Greg's back in this one ; D

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Chapter 19

I sighed as I got out of John's car and stared at the moon for a while. I didn't even realise that I had been spending 5 hours at his house. It felt relaxing and I knew I needed it.

I turned back to look at John who smiled at me and somehow, I felt safe and happy. I smiled back and walked back and caught his hands in mine. I started playing with his fingers, admiring their length .

"Adi.I think we need to talk."

I looked up and nodded. His face was sparkling due to the moon light. I chuckled and played with his hands .

"What? John grinned.


He laughed. 

"I know you were convincing Nick to go back to collage."

I gasped and stepped back. Oh shit! I'm doomed!


"It's okay Adi! I mean, that was a good thing to do. My mom was getting really worked up and stuff."

I nodded." John,I think..I think we should just be friends."

John sighed." Yeah, you're right.."

" I mean, it just feels like we'll be ruining our relationship if we're more then friends..You're really sweet John but I just feel you deserve more. I just don't want you to sit around waiting for me. I mean, you're a great friend John. I'm so so glad to have you as a friend. I promise." I sighed.

John smiled and picked me up and hugged me tight. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him. I felt so safe and protected . I was so glad I could tell him my feelings.

John put me down and cupped my face.

"If you ever need anyone to talk to or if you need anything, you come to me, okay? And if you wanna hang out.." He opened his arms and grinned." I'm always free!"

I laughed and hugged him again. I pulled away and smiled at him.

"Night, John."

"Night, Adi"


I brushed my hair gently, thinking of what to say to Nicky and Greg. Karen told me  that she spoke to Nicky and Greg was much better now. Nicky said that she didn't remember a thing about that night but she did ask about me. That definitely meant something.

So I had to apologize to Greg. I knew he would remember. He never forget's ANYTHING.

But somehow, I felt so broken and hurt that I hurt him. It felt horrible. I felt like a devil. But a part of me wanted this to go on. That I was just reaching my goal. I thought I had won when he kissed me. But in reality, the game had just begun.

I didn't know what to do next, but I definitely had to do something  that would blew his mind away. That would make him fall on his knees and beg for me. That would make him completely insane. And I had few ideas.

I still had few minutes so I sat on the chair next to the kitchen counter and took a notepad and pencil.

Okay, basically, Greg hated me right now. So there was NO way he was gonna speak to me till I cried and begged. He was so irritating and stubborn.

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