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Have you ever felt like the whole world is just a pure piece of shit and you wanna get out of it? Like you wanna  blast into the space and just be alone. And cry.

That's what I felt like. Being alone. Because I was pretty sure I'd cry like a baby.

Seeing Greg and Nicky together was horrible. My worst nightmare.

The thing is, I thoyght Greg was just my freind. JUST MINE. 

Turns out I was wrong. He was secretly dating Nicky. Well, that's what it looked like to me when I saw them lip-locking in the hallway. 

The next thing I knew, I was heading towards the washroom. 

My legs were practically dragging me away from the scene.

I entered the washroom and I could feel my tears rolling down.

Suddenly, I started crying like  a baby. 

All my mascara was over my face like a black mask. 

I entered an empty stall and sat on the toilet seat.

Seriously, I never knew this would happen to me. I never thought that Greg would like delicate, small, fragile Nicky. She knew how close we were. But she just.. did it.

But I couldn't blame her. She had no idea that I liked him. Because she wasn't like me. She did know about my relationships.. But this was one thing I couldn't tell her. I wish I had. I bet she wouldn't have done this if she knew .

Suddenly, I could hear laughter . People bursting into the washroom.


It was Nicky and Karen.

Karen was a good friend. She joined this school a year ago. She seemed so quiet and sweet. Gentle. Then when I got to know her, she turned out to be the most amazing poet ever. She's so good at heart and she's very pure. She has a great taste in fashion and guys. I totally fell for her charm. I knew we'd turn out to be great friends. 

We grew closer. Obviously, she got to know Nicky as well. 

I know guys have liked Nicky. Who wouldn't? But it's mostly the quiet yet cute guys who fell for her charm.

Like I said, the jocks loved me.

I quickly cleaned my face and took a deep breath. I had to get out of here. I mean, what kind of friend would I be?

I opened the lock and stepped out, smiling at the girls.

Nicky stared at me and suddenly her little lips curved into a smile.

"Hey." She giggled.

I smiled and looked at myself . My eyes were puffy and red. My mascara was smugged but I wasn't looking like a goth.


"What's wrong?" Asked Karen.

"Nothing..Just uh.. PMS..?" I chuckled at my response.

"Oh."Said Karen,looking down at the floor.

You see, Karen knows I have a crush on Greg. ven though she swore not to tell anyone. She just noticed how comfortable I was around Greg. I was.. me. I was free and happy. I was care-free. 

Karen's very good at relationships.. Like me.

I sighed and smiled at her, letting her know I knew.

"I have to tell you something Adi... I.. I'm in love!" Nicky got all excited and started jumping in  excitement hugging me.

I hugged back, closing my eyes. 

Karen looked at me with her green eyes, curious to see my reaction.

"That's lovely! You guys look amazing together!" I muttered, jumping with her.

"I know !! This is the best day ever! " She said.

Then she whispered: 

"He's calling me over to his on Friday! That means.. I might.. loose my virginity to him!" 


When a girl says that,she just sounds really desprate. And that's exactly how Nicky sounded.

"Great!" I muttered.

I quickly brushed my hair and reapplied my mascara and lipgloss and pulled down my skirt.

"Bye guys. Gotta rush!" 

I quickly escaped. He called her over on Friday. 


But then, who was I to judge? I can't do anything about this. He liked her. No, possibly loved her. And there was nothing wrong abut that. I was practically lieing to myself . I tried to avoid my passion for Greg by dating John. Still, it didn't work. But I was afraid if I told him, it would ruin my friendship with him.

But I should be happy for him. He's a lovely guy.And Nicky's really lucky to have him.

A part of me, was planning an evil scheme. I'm being honest. I was thinking of evil stuff.

Because Greg was mine. Just mine.

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