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Chapter 26 for all my lovely readers <3


Chapter 26

This was a dream. Just a dream. It wasn't really happening. It couldn't be happening.

No way was I alone. All alone.

No way did I have nobody. No John,No Nick and no Greg. No, that's definitely not happening.

I woke up, panting for breath. What happened?

I turned to look over ta the clock that was on my side table. The time was 8 in the morning..

Wait,. what?

I sighed and got up. I had no idea what had happened last night.

I walked towards my mirror and stared at my reflection. I looked sleepy. Despite the fact that I had probably slept for longer then necessary. Suddenly, everything came back to me, like a sea wave hitting the shore.

Robert, Nicky's baby's father had finally arrived and probably, accepted Nicky and her baby, NO, THEIR baby and she was happy since everything was good in her world again . BUT...

What about me?

Greg had apparently sworn to never ever speak or see me again.

So does that mean that I'm alone?

Yup, pretty much.

Well, like my life wasn't a mess already I remembered that my parents would be returning soon from their trip and they would be really suspicious if they found out that Nicky had stayed over for more then 3 days. But I would come up with a fairly good excuse like always and the matter would be resolved.

Somehow, I realized that I had to apologize to many people.I kept lying so much that I didn't realize that in the process I was hurting many people. I thought that double dating could actually work. Dating John and Nick would be easy as pie but I was so wrong. After all, they both are brothers.

But I thought seducing Greg would really solve all my problems and just make my life easier. Except, I was really very wrong. It had completely turned my world upside- down. The tables had turned towards me. All of it backfired and now, I was left with nothing.

All these thoughts were stirring in my mind. I didn't even realize that maybe, Nicky was awake. The morning sickness and stuff.

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