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Pen Your Pride




" Greg." I muttered.

"Mmmm." he said, while panting small kisses on my neck.

I was enjoying this a lot. While he was doing this, I  took this as an advantage and played with his brown, soft hair.

I kissed his cheek gently and bit his ear lobe . I heard hm moan in pain . I enjoyed it a lot.

I licked his cheek, taking in the aroma of his aftershave.. He smelled so good.. So irresistible .

He pulled away and tucked a loose strand of my hair behind my ear. He looked into my eyes with his blue-green ones. I looked away and blushed. A sign of pure defeat.

I never liked being defeated. Somehow I'd always lose when I'd look into Greg's eyes.. I hated it.

You see, I'm like the love guru of my school, East High School. The thing is, I help girls get boys. But I've never got one myself. But when I realized my  passion for Greg, I couldn't resist .. I had to get him. But I noticed that my best friend Nicky was talking a lot about him, she also use to kind of stalk him around the school.

Rule no 1:

Never stalk your prey. He'll get to know. It might look like they haven't noticed you, but in reality, they know your every move. Following them around is never going to help. Take advantage of the moment when he looks at you, or notices you. Smile back. But never follow.

Simple rules, to a happy, long relationship. Guys may act like they have video games , football, etc.on their minds, but they do have sex on their minds. No matter how straight they are.

Greg is very simple. He's very sweet and loyal. He's never had sex. He's the most wonderful human being ever [at least to me]. He has helped a lot of people. But the thing is, I noticed my best friend getting too close to him. He switched to her English class and they talked throughout lunch. In fact, Nicky once ditched me for him. I felt very, very angry.

I'm better then her. Better looking. Except I don't have blonde hair and green eyes. I have brown-red, messy hair with sparkling baby blue eyes. My cheeks are always red, giving them a slight blush. Guys do fall for me, but mostly jocks. I have fun with them. I lost my virginity to some really lame loser . He was a jock. Turned out he was gay. He used me. That's why I don't date jocks, even though I have the looks ...

Still, Greg is different. He still is. After I seduced him I realzied that. I still don't believe I did it. It seems so impossible. Still, he's mine now. 

Anyway, you probably understand what I'm trying to say. Right? 

You see, if you want a guy, you seduce him. Nature's given both the sexes a very, very powerful weapon. In a guy's case, nature's given him the ability to win a girl's heart by fooling her. Playing with her. Common. Something all girls go through. Cold hearted creatures... 

As for a girl, She's given the weapon of seduction. Seducing... That's what I did. I don't regret. Because I know this was my only way. Now I'm happy with Greg. He lost his virginity to me. Perfect.



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