I winced. "Nicky..I think we need to talk first." I sighed and dropped my bag on the floor and gently grabbed her arm and pulled her down to sit with me on the sofa.

"About what?"

I sighed and bit my lower lip.This is the moment..

"Promise you won't get mad?"

She smiled."Why would I ever?Adi,I owe you so much.I promise."

"Nicky.."I hesitated."I-I seduced Greg.


Chapter 28

The room was filled with silence. Pin drop silence. The only sound audible was that of my increasing heartbeat. I had dreaded this moment.. And now, it had finally arrived. I confessed by darkest secret.. That I seduced my bestfriend's boyfriend.

My eyes were shut. I couldn't look into her eyes. I didn't have the courage to do so. It was just terrible.

Why didn't she say something? She had to say something right? Did she hate me now that I had accepted it?

I couldn't do this. I felt sick. I could feel the breakfast in my stomach turning. Oh God. Say something Nicky!!

"Why?" Her sweet voice sounded so rough and harsh.. Yeah, I so saw that coming.

I took a deep breath and opened my eyes. Her face looked so stern and angry. Her eyes were full of range and fury. I deserved this. I so did.

"Nicky..You...I.." I was mumbling! I've got to reply back to her. She'll hate me forever. Way to go, Adi!

"Nicky..The reason..The reason why I did this was because.." One more deep breath.."Nicky I love Greg.. I have since forever. And you knew about it. Remember Nick's 17th Birthday's party? When we were 15? Well, I kissed Greg for the first time. And you know what? He told me he loved it. And if you remember, after the party I was really happy and excited. And all these years... I always thought of Greg as my best friend.. and even now.. But then.. when you started dating him it just added more fuel to the fire. i couldn't resist it. I HAD to make him mine. I know, I feel so ashamed but you can't blame me.. All these years I had locked up my feelings and now that I finally expressed them, you're asking me why??"

"Adi, that's no excuse" Nicky said a tone that was clearly sarcastic.

"Well, I know it isn't. But step into my shoes for a second Nicky, and think about it. You knew that I loved him. But despite that, you started dating him. What do you expect me to do?"

"But seducing him behind my back is no way of winning a guy Adi! You should have told me! You were with John and.. and it was Greg who had asked me out in the first place.. How could I just say no?"

"I know! I know what I did was wrong and I regret it so much. He hates me now because of all of this but you could totally give me the benefit of the doubt. I had no idea that he was the one who asked you out. Plus, you could have totally told him that I loved him.." My voice trailed off.

"Really Adi? Really?" She raised an eyebrow.

I sighed. Nicky clearly won the argument right now. I had to let my walls come down. I had to surrender.

"Okay fine. What I did was comepletely wrong.. And I should have let you know. But I seriously wasn't even thinking of this first. My first thought was to let you know. To tell you the truth.. But then.. he was so happy and you were so happy. I couldn't do it. It would make me the devil." I muttered.

"And seducing him wouldn't?" Nicky rolled her eyes.

I sighed. I couldn't say anything to her. " Im so sorry Nicky.. I-" I stopped mid way. I couldn't speak. My voice was gone. I felt so bad, so sick. "You..You hate me and he hates me.. and-" 

I started crying. I couldn't control it anymore. Why did I do it in the first place? Look at where I was now. On the edge. I should have given up long back. 

"Go speak to him." 

"What?" I asked Nicky. What did she just say?

"Go speak to Greg, Adi.Tell him everything.You need to let your walls come down. No more secrets. Don't you realize? You're worsening things by hiding stuff from people. Stop it. Go tell him everything. The kiss, the way you felt, apologize to him. GO." She said.

"But.But what about you? Have you forgiven me yet?" I asked.

She sighed. "Adi, I have no choice.. All these years that you've been with me.. I owe you so much. And I don't have the will to fight with you. I need you right now. And what I did was wrong too. I should've never said yes. I should've told him the truth. But I was just so in love. You know, teenage love. I felt like Greg was perfect. But you know what Adi? Life isn't perfect and shit happens. So you made a mistake but so what? everyone does. I did too. What matters is that you should have the power to forgive. And that's what Im doing right now. I want to be the good one. So I'm forgiving you."

I had tears in my eyes. Literally. This was unbelievable. "Thank you so much Nicky.. I love you so much." I hugged her tight and just cried like a baby. When I said that my life was a mess, I was wrong. I have the most amazing parents who love me for who I am. And most of all, I have the most precious BFF ever.. The only thing left was.. To go convince Greg.

"Go now, before its too late. GO." She said in her better-do-it voice.

So yeah, I ran out of the house after that. Never mess with a pregnant lady! I quickly got into my car and started the engine. It roared to life and I grinned.

"Greg Hanson get ready cuz I'm gonna rock your world."



Sorry guys, but I thought that including Greg and Adi's confrontation in the next chapter was the best thing to do right now.

So as you can see, this chapter is again, a filler chapter. About how Adi finally confesses and how Nicky reacts. You may not be happy with this, but let me tell you, I was blank will writing this. I have no idea how I wrote this. It was very difficult because I had to write about who NICKY WOULD REACT TO THIS. An damn, I would've probably slapped and punched the person who seduced my boyfriend! 


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